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The long-awaited region of Sumeru with its Dendro element has finally arrived in Genshin Impact, along with its own reputation system. In the reputation system, players complete weekly quests and requests in a certain region, receiving reputation experience points for completing them. Reputation points are used to level up a player’s reputation, and at each reputation level, players unlock rewards such as recipes and blueprints. When players reach the maximum reputation level in Sumeru, they will unlock the Wings of the Forest, a forest green glider.

How to unlock reputation in Sumeru

Once players arrive in Sumeru, they will most likely stumble upon Effendi, the Sumeru reputation advisor, who stands next to the Sumeru reputation board. The Sumeru Reputation Board is not immediately available, as players must complete pre-missions in Genshin Impact before they can increase their reputation level in Sumeru. First of all, players should be up to date with Archon’s latest quests by completing “Through Smoke and Dark Woods” and “A Hundred Fresh Roses Bring the Morning”.

During the quest “A Hundred Fresh Roses Brings the Morning”, players will complete a series of tasks related to the Sabzeruz Festival. After completing the last mission, Breaking Dawn, players will unlock a new world quest called Recruitment for the Brigade of Thirty. To start this quest, players need to travel to the city of Sumeru and talk to the Effendi researcher. After completing this new quest, players will unlock the Sumeru City reputation board in Genshin Impact.

How to increase the level of reputation in Sumeru

As in other regions of Teyvat, the Sumeru reputation board invites players to complete world quests and rewards. Players can only complete three quests and three rewards weekly in all regions of Teyvat. Therefore, players looking to increase their reputation level in Sumeru should focus exclusively on the Sumeru City Reputation Board offers if they want to quickly reach the maximum level.

As reputation levels increase, players will unlock new Sumerian recipes and furniture blueprints to explore in Genshin Impact. Upon reaching reputation levels 8 and 9, players will learn how to craft the Dendrocul Resonance Stone and the Dendro Treasure Compass, both of which will be very useful when exploring Sumeru.

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