How to unlock all magic in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Aether is a magical ability that you will use all the time in Ghostwire: Tokyo. There are three different types of weaving: Wind, Water and Fire. Each of them has its own unique attacks and charged attacks, with different properties and abilities.

Each magic and how to unlock it in Ghostwire: Tokyo

You will unlock each item during normal playthrough of the game (they are story related and cannot be missed). In this guide, we’ll take a look at each one, explain what they do, their pros and cons, and how to find them. Get ready to become the best youkai slayer in Ghostwire: Tokyo!

Your Magical Assault Rifle – Aether of the Wind

This is the first elemental magic you unlock right after you start the game. After a strange fog in which all the people in the city disappear, you will meet KK, a spirit that will grant you magical powers – the first of these is Wind Weave.

Windweave is your default weapon and probably the one you will use the most. With it, you throw air projectiles, and if you charge an attack, you can make one ball hit more than once. This is the ideal Weave for both close and long range attacks. Also, this attack has the most SP (magic points that you spend on each attack).

Note: You can improve two stats for this attack: its charge property and its speed. One projectile can hit one enemy up to three times, and with another upgrade, you can turn this magic into a submachine gun.

We need fire, lots of fire – Ether of fire

If you love sniping or big explosions, then fire weave will be your favorite magic. His basic attack works like a short range sniper rifle as it fires a fiery lance that can reach long distances fairly quickly. On the other hand, if you charge an attack, you will create a firebomb. This projectile will explode on target or on impact with a surface (e.g. floor or wall) and create an explosion radius, dealing area damage.

Aside from prayer beads and the upgrades you use, weave fire will be your strongest magic. It’s great for any situation and can take down enemies pretty quickly, or at least create space when you’re surrounded. However, it has the least amount of SP, so it will run out quickly. Choose your goals wisely.

Note: The Fire Weave can be upgraded so that its fire spears will pass through multiple patrons, which is very useful in group fights. In addition, the explosion radius can be larger and destroy waves of nearby enemies without any problems.

How to unlock Aether of Fire

During the main quest Death Labyrinth in Chapter 2 Trouble, you will have to clear the three torii gates to the south of where you are. They are inside the park, and visitors are crawling around them.

Once you’ve cleared out the enemies, head towards the torii gate in the center. There is an offering box here – an item that can heal you or give you a hint to meika. Inside this shrine, you will find a fiery orb that will give you a Fire Weave.

Water in games can be fun – Water Ether

At first, it may seem that this is weak and useless magic. However, as you improve it and equip it with the appropriate prayer beads, you will find that the Weave of Water can help you in some critical situations.

Its basic and charged attacks are the same: a blue wave that hits mostly nearby visitors. However, the second one can reach great distances and increase its base damage, which can be incredibly powerful when enemies (and even bosses) are right in front of you. Even though this is the weakest Weave of the three, you will use it more often than Fire Weave because you will have more SP.

Note: range and wavelength can be upgraded in the Skills menu.

How to unlock the Ether of Water

After acquiring the Fire Weave, you will need to clear the Yasin Tori Gate as part of the main mission. They are located at ground level, on the construction site. However, as you clear the gate and pick up the orb, beware of the new visitor, Kuchisake, who will attack you out of nowhere.

Kuchisake is a strong enemy that wields scissors in one hand. Give her everything you have, especially fire attacks, because she can withstand a lot of damage and is very aggressive towards you.

Once you deal with her, a blue orb will be waiting for you.

How to unlock the magic bow

Before you get the Weave of Fire, you will unlock the magic bow in the opening moments of chapter 2. It will be in a suitcase in the CC department, and he will ask you to take it.

The bow is considered a stealth weapon as it does not warn enemies while you are killing them – unless, of course, you leave the attacked target alive. However, its base damage, which can be boosted with Prayer Beads, is actually quite high, allowing it to take out multiple Visitors with just one charged shot. Definitely a weapon worth keeping in mind.

Note: Arrows can be bought at any shop for 300 meik. In addition, they can be found in different places.

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