how to solve the symbol puzzle

Your small group of heroes in Genshin Impact are still stuck in the Rift. However, they soon realize that something is wrong, as they seem to be in a strange realm where everything is meaningless. Here is our Light Shaper Symbols Puzzle Guide to help you complete the City of Hidden Runes dungeon in the Dangerous Path event.

How to solve the puzzle “About the Sculptors of Light”

Upon entering the area, you will notice a large plinth in the center of the platform. Here you can go through any portal to get to any section of the zone. Once there, you will notice several symbols on the floor.

If you step on the correct symbol, it will light up. However, if you step on the wrong symbol, you will take some damage (nothing serious). As soon as you see a lit symbol, check the remaining area for three more of the same symbol. This will spawn mobs (e.g. Geovishaps, Geo Mitachurls, and Stoneshell Lavacurls).

This is where the Light Shapers puzzle in Genshin Impact begins. The idea is pretty simple:

  • There are two pedestals that you can interact with. On each of them there are two beams of light that can be moved and rotated;
  • Move/rotate the beams so that they illuminate all four symbols on the floor;
  • Pay attention to spaces to rotate the correct set;
  • Do the same for the other plinth.

You will want to do this for all partitions in the domain. Once you’re done, a large beam will feed the central area. Look at the ceiling to see what it’s connected to. Then use the teleporters on the sides to teleport to that location (look both ways as the floors rotate).

When you’re done, chat with your friends. Eventually, this will lead you to the Mystic Compass puzzle.

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