How to solve the “Prophecy” painting puzzle in Elden Ring

Elden Ring hides secrets behind other secrets and uses many new game mechanics that allow you to hide some of the game’s most valuable items in these places. Throughout the Interearth, you can find many paintings that depict an artist’s view of a particular place. These puzzles are hard to solve, especially if you haven’t explored that much.

Puzzle of the painting “Prophecy”

To solve the painting puzzle, you must find the place where the artist created it. Careful analysis of a painting can usually identify key landmarks that help determine its origin. The painting “Prophecy” depicts the iconic Stormscreen Castle with a waterfall and a large cliff in the foreground, hinting at its distant decision on southern waters.

Find the painting next to the ogre in the courtyard of Stormveil Castle

To find the Prophecy painting, head to the upper courtyard of Thunder Veil Castle. You can get here from the main gate by going through the first courtyard into the second one, or from the Place of Grace by heading left past the troll and continuing past the ogre ahead along the path.

The Prophecy painting is in a side room connected to the courtyard, next to another ogre who will follow you inside if you try to run away from the fight without hesitation. You can sneak around the sides of the courtyard to find the “Prophecy” painting, but be sure to use spells like “Assassin’s Approach” or “Darkness” to make sure you’re not spotted by Godric’s real army of soldiers.

Puzzle solution

As soon as you get the Prophecy painting, you can get its image at any time by going to the far right tab of the Inventory, where it is listed next to the Notes you have collected. You will need to travel to the Weeping Peninsula, located south of the Gravestone, and get to the northernmost tip of the province. The easiest way to get here is to go south from the Sacrificial Bridge, turn northwest at the fork, and continue through the Demihuman Forest until you climb the cliffs.

Walk to the edge of the northern cliff and look towards Storm Veil Castle to frame the shot. When you find the exact spot where the painting was created, the artist spirit will reward you with hawk ash. Remember those birds with swords instead of legs, who are trying to attack Storm Veil Castle? Now you can summon one of them, and her speed and flight make her a particularly worthy ally.

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