How to Solve the Hero’s Song Painting Puzzle in Elden Ring and Get the Harp Bow

In Elden Ring, the Harp Bow is one of the most elegant bows and can be obtained by solving the Hero’s Song painting puzzle in the Shadow Castle on the Atlus Plateau. The shady castle is surrounded by a poisonous swamp and is located in the northern part of the region, between the mountains of Gelmir and Leindell.

Puzzle of the painting “Song of the Hero”

How to get to the Dark Castle

To get to the castle, you must go north from the Great Dectus Lift to the end of the trail in the valley. Those attempting to enter this area from the northern hilltops can head south along the Iniquity Road west of the Mirage Tower. Here, players will find two Spirit Springs to land safely in the deep canyon below. Once they reach the bottom, they can continue north until they reach Shadow Castle. While the Stream can be used outside the castle walls, keep in mind that players must walk to enter the outer chamber.

Poison swamps surrounding the fort will hit the player with poison. Therefore, it would be a good idea to have a few neutralizing pills or a cure poison spell with you. In addition, the outer defenses of the castle are infested with slugs, corrupted monks, and zombified humanoids. Therefore, make your way through this area with caution.

Where to find the painting “Song of the Hero”

The Hero’s Song painting is on the northeast side of the outer walls. The Tainted will recognize this area when they see a long rock leading down to a small pit with a few enemies next to the flooded house. Enter the second floor of the ruined house to interact with the painting. Once the inspection is complete, players should head to the Leindell Outer Walls area, north of the main gate. However, fast travel out of Shadow Castle can be tricky, as most of the nearby enemy mobs are quite slow, but can still maintain their aggro for a long time. Therefore, in order to reset the hostility of enemies in Elden Ring, players are advised to go to the Place of Grace on the walls of the Shadow Castle.

To get to the place where Bow Harp is located, you must travel southeast from the Road of Iniquity towards the Temple of Thunder. Be careful not to stray too far south of the path, as players may encounter the ancient dragon Lanseax. At the top of the cliff, you will find a ghostly artist seated, staring at the statue and then disappearing. Pick up the leftover item to get the Harp Bow in Elden Ring.

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