How to save Ryan in The Quarry and get the “Last Hero” achievement

At The Quarry, Ryan Erzaler is one of the nine Hackett summer camp counselors. He is a very awkward person who prefers listening to podcasts to talking with friends. His life is mostly in danger during the events of the last two chapters, where the choices of the players determine his fate.

To get the Last Hero trophy in The Quarry, you must kill all the characters except for the Hacketts, while keeping Ryan alive. Don’t be afraid to wait until the end of the game to let the character die, as in some cases it’s better to witness a late outcome.

How to make Ryan survive the night alone and get the “Last Hero” achievement in The Quarry

Like any achievement, players must make very specific choices throughout the chapters in order to earn the Last Hero trophy.

Prepare everything for Ryan to survive

When controlling Laura in the seventh chapter, do not take the tranquilization syringe in the last room on the second floor. Instead, perform a QTE, take Travis’ pistol and shoot Travis.

In the ninth chapter, after being stabbed and running away (Don’t pull out the knife), otherwise Ryan will bleed to death. Also, the knife can be used later to stab Bobby Hackett to prevent him from killing Ryan after he shoots Travis.

In a later scene in the ninth chapter, Ryan is about to bleed to death and Laura offers to bite him, thereby infecting Ryan, to make sure he survives. Accept Laura’s offer; otherwise the sailing coach will die.

Eliminate everyone

Chapter 4

  • Jacob: When you have a choice, choose “Help Abi” to make Jacob run back to the fire. There, use Ryan and shoot TWICE into the bushes to kill Jacob.
  • Emma: Once inside the tree house, ignore the bags and open the door. The werewolf Max will jump down and bite Emma to death.

Chapter 6

  • Abigail: Before Nick begins to transform, Abigail will grab a shotgun from the floor. If you don’t shoot, Abi will die.

Chapter 8

  • Nick: As Laura and Ryan explore the underground mine, they will eventually end up in the Red Room. Help Laura shoot the werewolf to kill Nick.

Chapter 9

  • Laura: Since Laura shot Travis in the seventh chapter, Sheriff Hackett will stab her after Ryan shoots Chris Hackett with silver.
  • Dylan: At the Junkyard, while operating the crane, select “Warn Caitlin” and then “Speak” to save her. Then fail the QTE as Dylan to have the werewolf kill him.

Chapter 10

  • Max: To kill Max, make him swim towards the shore.
  • Caitlin: Back at the lodge, after Caitlin prepares to attack, select “Wait” and “Don’t shoot” at the werewolf to kill her.

Save Ryan

In the final showdown with the Hacketts in Chapter 9, Bobby is unable to resist his brother’s werewolf form, resulting in his death. Afterwards, Chris Hackett as Ryan nurses Max, Laura, and himself back to health.

With the curse broken, Travis kills Laura and approaches Ryan to retrieve the shotgun. Successfully completing the QTE gives the player the option to shoot the police officer, killing him. Finally, at the beginning of the epilogue, you can get the achievement “The Last Hero”.

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