How to save in The Quarry

The Quarry focuses primarily on choices and the consequences of those choices. Whether it’s choosing between sarcasm and sincerity, or choosing a path to avoid a bloodthirsty killer, there’s a lot for the player to think about, and The Quarry’s unique approach to rescue only makes the game more interesting. Here’s everything a player needs to know about in-game rescue.

Save button missing

Saving in video games is usually done in one of two ways. The first method offers a save button in the pause menu. The second method allows the player to save only in certain places, such as the typewriter, home base, or campfire. The Quarry, by comparison, follows none of these trends. Indeed, in The Quarry there is no way to manually save the game.

Instead, saving happens automatically using the autosave system. This means that the player will never lose their progress just because they forgot to save the game. While it may seem like a downside to depriving the player of the ability to manually save, Supermassive made this decision for a reason.

Advantage of not saving

In open world games, corridor shooters, and cinematic story games like The Quarry, choice is always important. It doesn’t matter where to go, what to kill, or who to talk to, the choice is important, and it is its consequences that make it so. The choice doesn’t make sense if all the choices lead to the same result, and it also doesn’t make sense if the player can undo the consequences of their bad decision by simply reverting to a previous save.

The Quarry’s decision to only allow autosaves is quite intentional, as it forces the player to experience the consequences of their choice. Hurt someone’s feelings? Go on. Letting a friend die? Deal with it. Without this rigid system, decisions will mean much less, and in a game like The Quarry, this change can be disastrous.

When do autosaves happen?

So, if the player is not allowed to save the game, when does the game itself save? The good news is that autosaves happen frequently and reliably. The game is automatically saved when moving from one scene to another. When the screen goes black, the player completes a quick time event or reaches the end of a chapter, the game is saved.

It is also saved when the character talks to the fortuneteller between chapters. While the player can exit the game and take a break after any of these autosaves, taking a break right after talking to the fortune teller is perhaps best, as it provides a natural resting point in the narrative so that ending the game at that point doesn’t feel as ragged. which might otherwise arise.

Multiple save files

A small but important note: while The Quarry does not allow you to manage your saves within a single playthrough, it does allow the player to save multiple saves for different missions.

This means that the player can start a new game and try out other branches of the game’s narrative tree without fear of losing progress made in another file. Overall, The Quarry’s unique save system gives the player the best of both worlds, allowing them to securely protect their progress while at the same time ensuring that the player cannot easily cheat the system and revert to decisions they later regret.

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