How to save in Elden Ring: a guide to the save system

Elden Ring is a very complex game that doesn’t teach players everything they need to know, at least not at first. While tutorial screens pop up from time to time to show how certain items or mechanics work, there is still a lot to know, such as how to save game progress in Elden Ring. Since the game has a lot of items to collect, enemies to defeat, and runes to take from enemies, saving progress is essential for Elden Ring players to become the Lord of Elden.

How to save in Elden Ring

Players accustomed to the latest FromSoftware games probably already know that there is no way to manually save game progress in Elden Ring. The game will auto-save every few minutes when players perform any important action, whether it’s collecting items or getting runes after defeating an enemy. The game is also saved when players visit one of the many Lost Grace locations, similar to the bonfires in Dark Souls.

Lost Grace Sites are essentially checkpoints in Elden Ring, and once the player crouched on one of them, several things would happen: health and mana would be fully restored, sacred flasks would be replenished, and defeated enemies would respawn.

In the Lost Grace menu, Elden Ring players have several options to choose from. They can pass the time to change the time of day; they can level up their character using the Runes they have collected; they can sort out their chest; there are other options.

To make sure their Elden Ring progress is saved, it’s best to go to the Lost Grace website and then exit the game via the menu. Simply navigate to the System tab and then use the buttons to navigate to the Quit Game option. This will save the game and return players to the title menu, where they can load a different character profile or tweak the game’s settings.

Can Elden Ring be paused?

There is no official way to suspend Elden Ring. If players are sitting in the Place of Lost Grace, they should be safe from attack, but it’s worth noting that players cannot sit in the Place of Lost Grace while enemies are attacking them – they need to be secure first.

Even if players try to play Elden Ring offline, they still won’t be able to pause the game in any way. Players can either hang out in the Place of Lost Grace or simply find a safe place to rest – just make sure there are no enemies nearby. It’s best to just exit the game and save rather than forcing the character to stand in a random spot on the map.

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