How to ride a hoverboard in Dying Light 2: where to find the challenge

Dying Light 2: Stay Human features several secret parkour missions, including one that allows players to ride a hoverboard. However, fans cannot simply walk up to the location and access the Hoverboard parkour challenge, as some prerequisites must be met to do so. A detailed description of these conditions is the purpose of this guide, and fans who read it will be able to unlock the secret task “Hoverboard” in Dying Light 2 without much difficulty.

Where to Find the Hoverboard Parkour Challenge

Fans who want to put their hoverboard skills to the test should start by visiting St. Thomas Church on the east side of St. Paul’s Island. Once at the location, players must enter the church and walk through its sanctuary using their Dying Light 2 parkour skills to reach a staircase high up in the northeast corner. The fans must then grab the rope to their left to jump over the gap, use the chandelier to get over the other gap, and jump through the hole in the wall that is in front of them.

Now players will find themselves in a room with an open door on the right, they must go through this door and take the cable from the green generator. This cable can be connected to the generator next to the bell, which is high above the green generator, and Dying Light 2 players will have to climb ladders, scaffolding, and poles to reach it. Then, once the cable is inserted, players will need to continue climbing until they reach the radio room.

After interacting with the radio, a hoverboard will appear next to the window in the room and players must interact with it. This action will cause the hoverboard to disappear, and zombie video game fans must now use their survivor sense to follow the red footprints on the ground and interact with the hoverboard they will be led to. Players will then need to repeat this process a few more times, eventually arriving at a car parked near the southeast corner of the Muddy Area.

At this point, fans must simply interact with the trunk of the car to open it and reveal the final hoverboard. This facility serves as the starting point for the Hoverboard secret mission, and players must guide it through 23 checkpoints. As with parkour in Dying Light 2, fans will earn medals based on speed, and players aiming for gold may need to hop on the hoverboard multiple times.

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