How to restore attributes with Drop of Tears in Elden Ring

Regardless of which class you choose to start playing in Elden Ring, you are sure to run into some issues with your stats. You may have put points into the wrong statue, or you need more points into something else to equip the weapon you prefer. Fortunately, there is a way to fix these errors, or if you just want to try a different scenario. Here is our guide to help you find Larval Tears so you can rebuild or reset your attributes.

Where to find Drops of Tears so that you can restore or reset attributes

The method to restore or reset attributes in Elden Ring is not available by default. Instead, you’ll have to travel to Lakeside Lyurnia to open Raya Lukaria’s Academy and defeat Full Moon Queen Renalla (she’s going to be a nightmare for pure spellcasters).

Now, compared to Godric the Grafted, whose Great Rune requires activation as a product key, Rennala’s Great Rune already adds a feature. With her help, you can change your stats in Elden Ring by talking to her after you win. There’s even a place of Grace, Raya Lukaria’s Grand Library, which is right behind it, so you can quickly get back to her quarters whenever you need to.

Note: When you recast attribute points in Elden Ring, you will be able to assign the total points you have accumulated since character creation. The caveats are that your stats can’t go below the default value (for example, if a class had a dexterity of 8 when you created your character, you can’t lower it to 7), and you must assign a maximum score according to your level.

However, the rework is not free, because we need to find some very rare items. Larval tears in Elden Ring serve as a kind of currency, and in some cases they drop from mobs – specific mobs, mind you, those that turn into other creatures that need to be killed again. In other cases, they can simply be found in a specific location. Below I will tell you in detail about the Larval Tears I discovered.

Beyond the Grave: South Lake Aghel

You will surely stumble upon a spot in South Aghel Lake where you will see some giant tombstones carved along the side of the hill. In fact, it is not far from the place where we will mine the Troll Wagon rune and where we will meet the sorceress Sellen.

Several zombies roam this area. One of them is lonely, and you won’t think about it until you kill him, after which he will turn into a monstrous bear.

If you have a low level, then this can be a very difficult task. Much later, however, this insignificant encounter would become trivial. Kill the beast to get a Drop of Tears in Elden Ring.

Ozernaya liurnia: The village of albinaurics

If you look south from the flooded city, you will see a tall rock formation with a tower. I still haven’t figured out how to get to the top. However, if you get close to this attraction, you will see that there is one large cave below. Examine the rock wall to find a sloping path that leads to the Albinauric Village (where there is a campfire).

From the Campfire/Place of Grace, cross the nearby wooden bridge. This site has a Larval Tear, which is located directly under the open sky.

Lake liurnia: Swampland

The next case involves another transforming being. In Liurnia of the Lakes, look for a domed pavilion southeast of the Church of the Rose. Next to it you will find a lone crayfish or a lobster – I don’t know for sure, since I’m allergic to crustaceans. Watch out for his attacks, especially his bubble beam, which has a fast duration.

After the kill, he will turn into a grafted billhook. Since you’re on horseback, you can circle around aiming for him. Lure him with a jump attack, then strike when he is vulnerable. Killing this enemy will cause it to drop another Larval Tear.

Misty Forest: Siofra River Well

The third larval tear I found in Elden Ring is in the well of the Siofra River (many thanks to Keith Duane Mitchell for the tip). The well is located in the Misty Forest next to Little Erdtree. When you take the elevator down, you will realize that this is a huge underground space (you can even use your pry bar).

We will not discuss all the items and secrets that you can find here. Instead, we will focus on finding the Abandoned Trader NPC. To get to it, follow the left wall when you get to this location. Then take the elevator down to another open space with trees, pillars and ruins.

The goal is to move north until you see a platform under construction. Before you climb it, be sure to mark the place of grace in the forest of worshipers in case an accident happens and you need to be reborn.

In any case, climb onto this structure using the ladder. When you get to the top, jump down the ledge that connects to another structure. She will eventually lead you to a cave where you will see an NPC.

He has several items, including the keys of the stone firmament, nascent butterflies, living arrows and, of course, a larval tear. He only has one of these tears, and you can buy it for 3,000 runes.

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