How to remove webs in Diablo Immortal

The daily reward system in Diablo Immortal is one of the important mechanics that challenges players to hunt down and kill certain creatures in the world or craft certain items in order to earn a good amount of experience. While many of these quests can be easy, there are a few, like “Cleaning the Web” that can be a bit more difficult than expected.

Passage of the task “Cleaning the web”

Players who received this reward need to destroy 50 spiders to receive the reward. Unfortunately, there is not a single place in Diablo Immortal where you can find all 50 spiders. Unfortunately, there is one place in Diablo Immortal where all 50 spiders can be found. Killing a group in this area will spawn new spiders, but they seem to have a 10 minute respawn timer, so this method isn’t very efficient as it will take hours to fully complete. Even worse, many players are reporting a bug related to this quest where spiders don’t spawn at all. Aspiring players can certainly complete this challenge over time, but in the long run the reward itself may not be worth it compared to others that can be completed much faster. Given that this is the only place where spiders spawn, players are advised to skip this quest until Blizzard fixes the issue in a future update.

How to redistribute rewards

Bounties are one of the best ways for Diablo Immortal players to gain experience quickly, and thankfully, players have plenty of options to control the board. Each reward on the board can be flipped using the refresh button in the top right corner of each reward’s banner. Removing a reward replaces it with a new one, so players can remove ones they don’t like or, in the case of this spider, can’t be removed.

It should be noted that players only have three passes per day and can only roll again before accepting the reward. Those who have already received a reward for clearing the web can either let the timer on it expire, or go to the menu and select Abandoned Quests in the quest section to remove it.

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