how to remove the seal and enter the tower

In Elden Ring, the Converted Fringe Tower is a location located east of the Lesser Tree of Erd in the northeast of Lake Lyurnia. Upon entering this structure, players will encounter a barrier that will prevent them from climbing the tower and claiming their rewards. Players wishing to unseal the Altered Tower must first complete some prerequisites, and full details of the process can be found in this guide.

How to get to the outskirts of the modified tower by removing the seal

Find the second Academy Magic Key at Raya Lukaria Academy

Players need to get their hands on the Academy’s Magic Key before reaching Raya Lukaria’s Academy, but a second copy of the key can also be found in this location. To get the second Academy Magic Key, fans must make their way to the Academy Debate Room located at Grace. From here, players must head north to a large courtyard, and then head west to a ramp formed from the rubble.

Players must now make their way up the ramp and continue north up the stairs while dodging and rolling to avoid attacks from sorcerers at Raya Lukaria Academy. At the top of the stairs, players must turn left, jump over the railing, and climb up the stairs that are in front of them. At the top of the second flight of stairs, players must turn left again and jump over another railing to land on the rooftop.

You must now walk across the rooftops of Raya Lucaria Academy until you reach the Temple of the Cuckoo, the building that was completed earlier in the level. Although this route to the temple is quite linear, fans can see it in the video above. Once the player is in the temple, they must enter it through one of the open windows, fall on the chandelier with the item, and loot it to get the second Academy Magic Key.

Find the Brilliant Crown at Raya Lukaria Academy

Before leaving the Raya Lukaria Academy, players must make sure to kill the Flintstone Covered Crab in order to obtain the Brilliant Crown. Although there are a few crabs that will give a suitable headgear, the simplest of them is located near the debate site at the Academy. For complete clarity, here is how exactly to get to this creature:

  • Go north to the large courtyard;
  • Go under the bridge in the northwest corner, next to the large mechanical enemy;
  • Walk forward to the ledge and turn left;
  • The crab is in the corner where the stone walls form a right angle.

Take the Academy’s Magic Key for the Irit Temple

With the Magic Key of the Academy in hand, players must travel to the Temple of Irit in the south of Lake Liurnia. The NPC known as the sorcerer Tops is located in this location, and the players must give him the key by doing the following: Talk about the Magic Key of the Academy and then give it to Tops. As a result of this operation, players will receive the Wisdom gesture, and now they have everything they need to bypass the seal in the Outskirts of the modified tower.

Removing the seal in the outskirts of the modified tower

After returning to the Outskirts of the Altered Tower, players must equip the Shiny Crown, stand in front of the seal, and perform the Wisdom gesture. Eventually, the barrier will dissipate, allowing players to climb the tower and retrieve Khaima’s Cannon and Hammer from the chest. It is noteworthy that while climbing the Outskirts of the modified tower, players will encounter an enemy, although they are quite easy to destroy.

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