How to remove redness of the eyes in Elden Ring and other changes

There are several things in Elden Ring that affect how a character looks. The character creation menu is the most extensive and customizable, but there are things outside of this customization screen that make appearance changes that you might not want.

There are several ways to undo these appearance changes, although these are only cosmetic changes. You cannot inherit Crazy Flames by restoring your yellow eyes to normal, and you cannot remove Bloody Finger’s red eyes by taking eye drops. There are several ways to revert plot decisions, but if you’re only concerned about cosmetics, there are two ways to undo aesthetic changes.

Some decisions can change your character’s appearance

There are no covenants in Elden Ring, at least not in the same way as in Dark Souls. In the Dark Souls games, players could swear allegiance to a covenant and receive rewards (and sometimes cosmetic changes) for their loyalty. In Elden Ring, covenants are more stealthy and don’t necessarily work like a leveling system.

For example, to become a Bloody Finger, players need to complete the Varre quest and dedicate themselves to the Lord of Blood. To become one of the Insane, players need to find Three Fingers. These decisions change the color of the eyes and the shape of the iris, and although there are other factors that affect the appearance of the character, all cosmetics can be changed in the same way.

How to change eye color to normal in Elden Ring

To get your eyes back to normal, head to the Round Table Fortress or Raya Lucaria’s Library if you’ve defeated Rennala. In Round Table Keep, the mirror in Fia’s room can be used to change the character’s appearance and name at any time – speaking to Rennala instead will take players to the same customization menu without using Larva’s Tear.

Go to the face editor and select the “Eyes” option. At the very bottom of the list is the “Change Eyes” option. This option can be turned on or off, and when you toggle it to Off, your eyes will return to their original color and iris shape. However, you can’t choose which eyes you want to have, as your character always prefers the last custom eye type received. Using the previous example, you can become a Bloody Finger to get red eyes, and then become a Raging Flame Lord, which will change the color of the eyes to yellow.

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