How to remove fog on the map in Tower of Fantasy

The latest competitor is the open-world sci-fi MMORPG called Tower of Fantasy, which provides players with a wide variety of content, from exploring a huge map, destroying enemies, raiding dungeons, and using the gacha system to unlock new content and characters.

Even with a tutorial section to go through, for a game of this size, not all game mechanics are explained in the level of detail that many players would expect, including what specific resources like Portunids can do. Upon launching Tower of Fantasy and going through the tutorials, players will likely find that the map is largely blurred. Unlocking a map requires a very specific set of actions, many of which the game doesn’t explain very well.

So for those Tower of Fantasy players who are looking for detailed information on how to open the map, follow this guide to learn not only about specific actions, but also what can be opened along with the map.

How to open a map in Tower of Fantasy

Similar to Ubisoft’s tower system in the Far Cry series, players will need to find special buildings called Omnium Towers. They can be found in every region of the map, and players will need to climb them to unlock the full geography of that zone.

Even with a blurry map, players can spot specific locations for these Omnium towers. After opening the game card, players must look for a symbol that looks like a crescent moon above a pillar. Upon entering a new zone for the first time, players should immediately head to that location, as climbing the tower will activate a number of important details.

Unlock Omnium Towers

Once climbed and activated, Omnium towers provide a number of important benefits beyond simply revealing the area and making it easier to navigate. The Omnium Towers also show and detail important places and points of interest in the region, making it easier to find specific things to do and points of interest.

These include:

  • Strongholds – Like other open world games, there are enemy camps that can be cleared. They range from small camps to large fortresses that will take longer to clear. They are worth finding, as each of them has a chest, after receiving which the marker on the map will turn gray and indicate that the camp has been cleared.
  • World Bosses – As expected, these are difficult enemies that players can face, and if they manage to defeat them, they will receive a reward. It is worth noting that each boss has a certain level, so players should avoid some of them, such as Barbarossa, until they are much higher in level and power.
  • Ruins are places where valuable loot and equipment are stored.

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