How to rank up the Baton Pass in Persona 5: Royal

In Persona 5: Royal Baton Pass, this is the most important combat feature and the best way to continue the chain of attacks and deprive the enemy of a turn. The Baton Pass involves finishing off an opponent (i.e. receiving a critical hit or defeating their affinity weakness), which grants the character that finishes them an extra turn, or as they are known in the game, “One More Turn”. They can attack again or press How to rank up the Baton Pass in Persona 5: Royalto pass your turn to someone else.

In the original game, the Baton Pass was unlocked for every Phantom Thief (with the exception of Ann and Akechi) upon reaching rank 2 of their Confidant. In Persona 5: Royal, everyone gets their Baton Pass right after joining. However, the Joker can now rank up the Baton Pass for each Phantom Thief by playing Darts in Kichijoji.

How Darts work in Persona 5: Royal

Darts will only be available after certain progress has been made in the Persona 5: Royal story. The Phantom Thieves must first steal Kamoshida and Madarame’s hearts.

On 6/5, after confessing to Madarame, Ryuuji will take the protagonist to Kichijouji where they will need to find a darts hall. It can be seen on the minimap or by clicking . Upon entering the hall for the first time, the Joker will be able to play darts or pool with other Phantom Thieves in his spare time.

While players may be too busy working on the Confidants at this point, it’s a good idea to play Darts when the Confidants aren’t available during the day or evening.

Each Phantom Thief has 3 button passing ranks, which means the Joker will have to play Darts with each of them three times, with a few exceptions. As a rule, a successful game of Darts will increase the rank of the Baton Pass by one rank, but sometimes players can increase them by two ranks.

Below are the bonuses for the Baton Pass ranks:

  • Rank 1: Increases damage
  • Rank 2: Significantly increases damage and restores some health
  • Rank 3: Significantly increases damage and restores some health and skill points

Darts game

Move the controller to aim and hold the button when you’re ready to throw a dart. Swing the controller down to throw a dart. Please note that when aiming, the white dot will begin to jump inside a thin white oval. This is the area where the dart could potentially land on the board. In case the players are unable to aim, they can press the button to reset the cursor.

The darts board consists of white, red and blue areas, and the score is displayed in large numbers in the lower left corner of the screen.

  • Hitting the white areas gives the indicated number of points (for example, 4)
  • Blue areas double the indicated number. So if a dart lands on the blue bar in column/section 4, it will score 8 points
  • If the dart lands on the red bar, it will get three times the points
  • Likewise, if a dart hits a black spot, it will score zero points.
  • Hitting the bullseye gives 50 points

The goal of the game of darts is to bring the score to zero. At rank 1, Phantom Thieves will play on difficulty 301. At rank 2, it will be raised to 501. Finally, rank 3 can be anything from 301 to 701.

It should be noted that players cannot rank up Goro Akechi’s Baton Pass when he first joins the team. This is because he will always choose a score of 701, but there will not be enough moves to bring the score to zero. However, the Baton Pass can be leveled up in the true ending, where the Joker will have just enough turns for difficulty 701.

The same goes for Yoshizawa, who can only play darts in the true ending. She will play on 301 difficulty regardless of her Baton Pass rank.

Playing darts will also add a few points to the Joker’s skill level.

Tips for playing Darts

Sometimes, after playing Darts, another character will want to play. This is a good way to rank up multiple Baton Passes at once if the game is successful. Players can check their current rating before deciding if they want to continue playing. The only exception is Akechi, who will only play darts with the Joker.

In order to place in the Baton Pass ranking twice, the Joker needs to have less than 100 points left on the account by the end of his third turn. This will make his partner nervous and give the players a chance to say a few words of encouragement. If chosen correctly, they will successfully complete the game and move up two ranks instead of one.

This is what every Phantom Thief will ask (except Futaba*):

Morgana: Hmm… We have a chance to end this here. Okay…let’s go! I’m counting on you. Ryuuji: …Looks like I might be able to finish… Dude, I’m so nervous! You just need to tune in! Ann: Oh…we can finish right here! ……I seem to be nervous. Just play as usual. Yusuke: We have the opportunity to finish here! Hmm… My hand is shaking…?! Pretend you’re drawing. Makoto: Oh… We could end up right here. I-I have to remember the simulations. Take a deep breath. Haru: Look at our score… We can finish! How can I quit?! Have some fun. Goro: No No Yoshizawa (Real Ending): I can finish…! But what is the best thing to throw here? Trust your instincts.

Note: It should be noted that the Joker can play Darts with Futaba, but he will not rank up because she does not participate in battles during the battle. So it might not be worth playing Darts with her, unless the players just want a point added to her Confidant.

To upgrade the Darts mini-game, players should purchase “Learn Pro Darts” from the bookstore in Shinjuku, which will be available on 7/5. They must also purchase a darts set from the sports shop in the underground mall. Reading Pro Darts will allow the Joker to use the “Third Eye” ability, which slows down the white dot when aiming (). Having a darts set and choosing to use it will reduce dart aiming.

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