How to quickly get Leindell, the capital of the kingdom in Elden Ring to Morgott

Leindell, the capital of the kingdom, is a dungeon in Elden Ring, and it’s absolutely huge. Due to the size of this place, it is very easy to get lost here and some players may get stuck in the city. For those fans who find it difficult to get through Leindell, this guide details the route that can be used to quickly get to the final boss of the level.

How to get through Leindell, the capital of the kingdom to the boss

Starting from the Place of Grace “Bastion Capital” on the bridge in the northeast corner of Leindell, you must enter the structure, go up the stairs on the left and use the elevator that will meet at the top. After taking the elevator up, players must follow the path ahead, passing through two doorways, before they reach a room with several benches. In this room, players should face south, walk forward until they have climbed two ladders, and then head west to enter a building with another Place of Grace.

From this Place of Grace, fans should descend the nearby stairs to reach Leindell. Players must then follow the path heading south, stopping just before the appearance of a large enemy blocking the path to another interior room. Here, players must jump over the barrier on the right, and then jump down again onto the yellow roof that is just below.

Players must now go through a series of rooftops and drop down to the street once they reach the tower with the yellow spire. This street goes southwest and you should follow it to get to a very large enemy that is falling from the sky. Just behind this enemy, there is a door surrounded by two barbecues, and players must go through it and get to the Place of Grace, which is on the other side.

From here, players must descend the nearby stairs, go through the open door, and continue forward to reach the wing of the dragon statue. Players must jump onto this statue and follow the edge of the wing in a southerly direction. This will lead you to the body of the dragon, and they should turn west and climb up to the wing from there. Shortly after the climb begins, players will come across a cylindrical body part that can be used to move south, and they should jump off of it onto the glowing object below.

Players must now climb the ladder that is on the other side of this item and keep moving forward until they reach another Place of Grace. Just past this location, there is a ladder that can be climbed down, and players must go past it and find a broken section in the barrier on the right. Players must then drop down onto the platform under the broken section and head west towards the giant tree root.

Upon reaching the root, players must jump onto it and climb until they reach the building where the boss fight takes place. Dealing with this enemy will spawn another Place of Grace and players must activate it before exiting the room in the northeast corner. Immediately after exiting the room, you will come across another tree root that you can use to climb up to a platform located above the area where the boss fight just took place.

At this point, the only thing left to do is follow the path ahead to get to the final boss Leindell. It is noteworthy that on this stretch of the path, players will encounter another object of mercy, and they must make sure to activate it before engaging in battle with a powerful enemy. Ideally, you should spend all of your runes here, as they can be difficult to hold on to while they work towards defeating the boss.

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