How to put marks on the map in Tower of Fantasy

The world of Tower of Fantasy is huge, and even the opening Astra area requires at least a few minutes of travel from one end to the other. Although there is a map for each area that opens through the Omnium Towers, getting to all the places in each area without a guide can be tricky. Map markers make it easier to move around the world, but does the game allow you to create your own markers anywhere? This guide explains how map markers work in Tower of Fantasy.

The short answer to “Can custom map markers be placed anywhere in Tower of Fantasy” is no. There is currently no option to place a personal marker on the map, but some map marking features are available.

To get started, open the map and zoom in on the area you want to go to. You’ll see any number of destinations – missions, ruins, supply points, NPCs, and cooking pots – that you can select and hit the Go button that appears to mark them.

When you exit the map with a marked location, it will be highlighted on your HUD. You will also see how far you need to go to get to your destination.

If you want to mark specific locations without worrying about accidentally selecting something else, open the map and look for the wrench symbol in the top center of the screen. By clicking on it, you will open a menu that allows you to remove the places listed above from the map.

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove strongholds or training bases, so you’ll have to do without them to mark your desired endpoint.

If there are several locations on the map in close proximity to each other, both of them will appear in the submenu next to the main marker. Hover over and select the location you like best, select “Go” and it will be marked for later use.

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