How to put items in your bag and use them in Elden Ring

The bag is a very useful feature in Elden Ring, giving players quick access to four items of their choice. However, it is not very clear in the game how to distribute items to the bag, and some fans may not even know how to use the bag after equipping them. It is the purpose of this guide to shed light on both of these questions, and players will find complete information about the bag in Elden Ring below.

How to equip items in a bag

To assign an item to a bag slot, players should start by pressing the Esc button on PC to access the in-game menu. After opening the menu, players will see their bag in the upper right corner of the screen, and they should press the right mouse button to select the first slot. Now you must use the directional buttons to select the bag slot they would like to place the item in.

In order to assign an item to the selected slot, you must click on the button that is displayed next to the “Select” inscription in the lower right corner of the screen. By default it should be How to put items in your bag and use them in Elden Ring, or “E” and clicking on it will open the fan’s inventory in Elden Ring. When this happens, players can choose the item they want to attach to their bag and repeat this process until all slots are filled accordingly.

How to use items from the bag

After assigning certain items from the bag, players can use them during standard gameplay by holding down the event action enter key and pressing the direction key corresponding to the item. To be completely clear, the default event action inputs are , and “E”, and if you hold it, then the bag items will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. This allows the bag to function as a quick select wheel, which perfectly complements this RPG’s Quick Items feature.

To clarify this distinction a bit, “Quick Items” are 10 items that players can flick with the mouse wheel, while Bag Items are four items that can be accessed simultaneously by holding down the button , and “E” plus arrows on the keyboard. You should think carefully about this difference when deciding whether to make an item a “fast item” or put it in a bag. Indeed, spending a little time assigning items can make combat in Elden Ring more fun and simplify the overall experience.

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