How to Prove Jurni’s Innocence in Vampire: The Masquerade

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong introduces players to a number of important characters associated with the Camarilla, one of which is Jurni. A bullfighter close friend of Emem, Jurni, got into trouble for being the organizer of a party that turned out to be a disaster and probably a violation of the masquerade. It’s understandable that Jurni is worried about being in the line of fire, but keen-eyed players can find a means to prove her innocence.

In the game, you take on the roles of three vampires from different clans when a red alert is declared in Boston, warning all members of the Camarilla that something has gone wrong.

After a brutal shootout at an alliance party between the Boston Camarilla and the Hartford Chancellery, the player will have to lead Emem of the Toreador, Galeb of the Ventrue, and Leisha of the Malkavian as they try to find the culprits and survive the consequences.

How to prove that Jurni is innocent

Scene #1: Emem

The first step to saving Jurni from the prince’s wrath will take place towards the end of Emem’s first scene. Players will be allowed to explore Elysium as Emem in search of Jurni, as the prince has tasked Emem with bringing her to them.

After examining the booths to the right of the bar, you will find a vessel lying on the sofa. Using Emem’s Auspex Vision, players will be able to smell Jurni’s perfume.

Tracing the spirit trail will lead players to Jara Drori’s office, where a frustrated Jurni frantically searches for a file that can prove her innocence.

Unfortunately, Emem is unable to find the file, but in order to prove Jurni’s innocence, players must decide to take her to the prince. Telling Jurni to run would make it impossible to prove her innocence.

Scene #1: Leisha

Leisha’s opening scene puts the players in control as she peeps into the interaction between Emem and Jurni in Jara’s office.

It doesn’t matter if players succumb to the vision or stay focused to save Jurni, re-watching the previous scene doesn’t matter much, and watching the vision unlocks a new Leisha trait.

After that, check the shelf to the left of Jara’s desk to find a pink file proving Jurni’s innocence. Finally, at the end of Leisha’s scene, when she reports to the prince, present the folder to the prince, and Jurni’s innocence will be proven.

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