How to Play Velma in MultiVersus: Tips and Strategies

Velma is a fantastic support fighter who provides unique advantages to her allies in MultiVersus through her advantages and combat strategies. Velma is one of the game’s characters from Scooby-Doo, and it’s worth taking the time to get one of the three currencies to unlock it. Those who are comfortable playing a support and zoning role will find Velma the perfect character.

Velma can be unlocked immediately if players get 700 Gleamium in MultiVersus. Gleamium is the free-to-play premium currency, which means players will have to spend real money to unlock it that quickly. Alternatively, those who have already purchased the Founder’s Pack can use the character ticket that comes with their reward. Each fighter in MultiVersus requires only one character ticket to be spent before it is unlocked. Finally, Velma can be unlocked with gold, which is a free in-game currency. Gold is awarded at the end of each match, with the amount increased for those who have played more matches and won. In addition, more gold can be earned by completing missions and daily quests.

As one of the best support characters in MultiVersus, Velma’s signature move is her neutral special move “Motivational Speaker”. This attack simultaneously allows Velma to damage enemies with a projectile beam and heal all nearby allies. In addition, if the last hit of an attack hits an ally, another ray is fired from that ally. If Velma’s last hit, Motivational Speech, hits an enemy, it will weaken them, and the attack has a chance to spawn clues on hit. The Motivational Speech has the same properties when Velma uses it in the air, which is one of the reasons this attack is a staple of her support strategy.

Velma’s Best Perks and Strategies

Velma’s other special attacks are a mixture of melee attacks, supports, zoning, and throwing moves. When using a side special attack, Velma sprints forward, and allies can jump on her arms to increase the damage of the attack. Those who unlock Velma in MultiVersus will also gain access to her Toxic Blend and Spread Knowledge moves. The toxic concoction pours a puddle of slime onto the ground to freeze enemies. With Spread Knowledge, Velma drops a book that seeks out her allies and refreshes or reduces active time.

  • Lethal Shot (Rank 2): The team deals 5% more projectile damage. When stacked, the team deals 10% increased damage.
  • Painted Target (Tier 4): The team deals 5% increased damage when hit against stunned enemies. When stacked, damage is increased by up to 10%.
  • Learned (level 8): Velma is born with one clue collected.
  • Cannon Sniper Shirt (Level 11): Team projectiles deal 7% increased damage to ranged victims. When summed, this number increases to 15%. Those who unlock Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus also get access to this perk.

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