How to play the Hunter in Evil Dead: The Game

The Hunter class serves two purposes in Evil Dead: The Game. Not only are they proficient with ranged weapons, but they are also able to easily spot useful items while exploring the map. If the rest of the team can hold off the hunter’s onslaught, he’ll be able to methodically take out the dead from a relatively safe distance.

The hunter must be able to aim well and be able to manage his ammo – a legendary weapon will not do any good if it misses or has no ammo!

The Hunter class in Evil Dead: The Game and how to play it


The surviving Hunters are more different from each other than the other classes, so the choice of the Hunter you play as will significantly affect your play style. Ash is best at mid-range and gains the ability to start a match with a double-barreled shotgun over time, while Amanda always starts with a pistol and really knows how to use it.

Ed is a more defensive choice, able to detect traps set by the Demon, but you can safely ignore his crossbow prowess unless you find an epic or legendary one.

Kelly is a bit of an odd duck, as she’s more of a melee focus – equip her with a shotgun and level up her Empty Points skill right away for the best results.

Be careful when exploring buildings as a hunter – if you miss something, chances are your teammates won’t find it either. Try to stock up on ammo for each type of weapon, even if you are not currently using it. This will allow you to easily switch weapons if you find a better one, or drop ammo during combat to be picked up by your allies.

Tip: Survivors automatically collect ammo for the type of weapon they are equipped with without having to press a button. If you have enough time to open the menu during the Artifact fight or the final battle, your allies will be able to easily pick up anything you throw.

When you get the stat boost from Pink F, your priority will of course be ranged damage. After that, focus on fear resistance and then endurance. The latter will allow you to dodge more often, while the former is essential to keep your team safe; a possessed hunter with a legendary weapon is one of the most dangerous tools in a demon’s arsenal.

If your Fear reaches its maximum level during a critical fight, immediately empty the magazine without reloading and switch to melee until you can recover. This will cause the Demon to waste precious time on cooldown in case you become possessed.

Recommended Skills

The hunter’s skill tree offers a lot of useful stuff, but its scattered branches make it necessary to specialize. Every hunter should get at least one point of the first level skill “Long Range Shot”, but after that it is better to leave this skill alone. Fights in Evil Dead: The Game usually take place in fairly tight spaces, so the extra range is not needed.

On the other hand, the Hollow Points skill is a must-have for all four hunter characters, as it greatly increases the already impressive damage of ranged weapons.

Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2)

Good, bad… he’s the guy with the gun. Thanks to Ash’s specialization in the double-barreled shotgun, the top tier of the skill tree has become a convenient home for his hard-earned skill points. Every skill, including a sub-skill, makes his signature gun even more deadly.

Especially useful is the Strategic Strike skill, which reduces the dispersion of Ash’s shots, resulting in more hits and damage to single targets.

Ed Gatley

Ed can safely avoid “I’m not afraid of traps” and “Ready for anything”, as his ability to detect traps makes them unnecessary. Ed’s skill points are best spent on Last Chance.

Because the crossbow only has one shot at the start, each bolt fired by Ed from his weapon of choice will receive bonus damage from Last Chance. It will take some time, but the necessary skills “Artful Dodge” and “Deadly Close Up” are well worth the investment in and of themselves.

Once Last Chance is fully upgraded, Quick Chill can be easily unlocked, allowing Ed to reliably detect all traps in the area when a team arrives.

Kelly Maxwell

Kelly is more of a warrior than a hunter, so it’s hard to find the perfect skill set for her. Like Ed, it’s helpful for Kelly to use Trickster and Danger Near, as they play on her unique abilities, but she doesn’t have to go to Last Chance.

Since Kelly prefers to operate from close range, the top row skills Stopping Power and Grip perfectly complement her style. If you choose to make Kelly your primary, Devastating Force is a high point cost, but it’s on par with its Warrior teammates in melee damage.

Amanda Fisher

Amanda excels at double slashing, and her ability to always start with a pistol gives her a significant advantage. After you have reached the maximum number of Hollow Points, complete the bottom row to get to the Lone Wolf. Standing away from the group and firing at the enemy quickly from afar will greatly increase your damage output.

Tip: The lone wolf also makes Amanda much safer at the start of the match, when the group is likely to split up looking for gear. Deadites wandering in the forest will be in for a nasty surprise if they try to fight Amanda!

It’s also one of the fastest ways to speed up the cooldown, allowing Amanda to use her incredible Ammo for Days ability more often.

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