How to Play Superman in MultiVersus: Tips and Strategies

One of the unlockable characters in the action platformer MultiVersus is a familiar face: Superman. Unlike his Justice League ally Wonder Woman, Superman is not unlocked through gameplay, and players can only obtain Kal-El by spending gold in the in-game store. In order to get other unlockable characters like Superman or Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, players need to earn gold by completing tasks and objectives. However, players who want to dominate as a tank are better off getting Superman, as he has powerful moves that make him a formidable opponent.

MultiVersus is a game that can be played solo, with local multiplayer, online PvP and more. There are many playstyles and just as many options for the development of events for each character. Players looking to build Superman as their main fighter need to know what moves, attacks, and abilities are best for building this steel tank.

For 2000 gold, players can purchase Superman from the MultiVersus in-game store. Superman works best as a tank, so when playing 2v2 or in a big match, players should create him so that he can take hits and deal powerful damage.

Best Superman Perks and Strategies

As a tank, MultiVersus Superman works best at taking damage and assisting teammates. He has decent attacks, so players should use moves that support his tanking efforts and deal decent damage. Here are his best moves:

  • Ice Breath: Neutral + Special – This move blows a cloud of ice across the ground and pushes enemies back. It also inflicts an ice debuff; when the meter fills up, the enemies will be frozen for a short time. If an ally is hit by Frost Breath, their next attack also becomes Frost.
  • Locomotive: side + special on the ground – this is an attack in the dash. When the button is pressed, Superman dashes in a straight line, but if players charge it, they can move the crosshair on the screen, which indicates the direction of the dash.
  • Ten-ton tackle: lateral + special in the air – this is a lateral flying grip. The longer the player holds the button, the longer Superman will fly through the air. Unlike the Locomotive, the player cannot control the direction, but if Superman collides with an opponent, he will break through his armor and pierce through.
  • Meteor: Up + Ground Special – This move requires charging, but once charged, it launches Superman into the air. From there, he will hit the enemy from a height. If the opponent is weak enough, this move will knock them out and players will earn a Ring Out.
  • Grab: Up + Air Special – While in the air, players can perform Go Long, which will grab the nearest enemy and throw them in the direction the player presses the stick.
  • Thermal Vision: Down + Ground Special is Superman’s laser attack, a fiery projectile that damages anyone in its path.

Superman also has many perks, or special abilities. A player can have four perks active at the same time. There are two types of perks: branded perks, which depend on the MultiVersus character, and universal perks, which can be used by any character. Each character has two trademarks, which are unlocked at levels 8 and 10. Superman’s signature perks are Flame Reentry, which deals fire damage upon landing after a jump attack, and Snipe, which increases the range of the strike, dealing damage and recoil more the farther away from the target.

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