How to Play LeBron James in MultiVersus: Tips and Strategies

LeBron James is a Bruiser fighter in MultiVersus with some of the best advantages and strategies in the game, making him a team player first and foremost. LeBron James is wearing his jersey and can be unlocked in several different ways in the game. While it requires more technical skill to use than some of the other MultiVersus characters, it can be a powerful ally and primary damage provider.

The fastest way to unlock LeBron James is to spend 700 Gleamium, the free-to-play premium currency. In addition, LeBron James can be unlocked by earning 2,000 gold. Those who purchase the Founder’s Pack will also receive a Character Ticket that can be used to unlock LeBron James or any other character.

Despite being a Bruiser-class fighter, LeBron James has a variety of throwing attacks that allow him to strike at close range. “Ladles!” is his neutral special attack that allows LeBron James to aim and throw a basketball as a projectile. This attack can also be directed behind him, giving LeBron an offensive move that is not burdened by 2D platforming. While the basketball can be picked up again, LeBron will eventually call for a new one, which is subject to a time limit. Buckets! can also be used in the air, allowing him to dodge in MultVersus.

The best perks and strategies of LeBron James

LeBron’s other special attacks are called “L Train!”, “Hop” and “Rejection!”. Train-L! is a combination of physical and projectile attack in which LeBron launches himself into the air and throws his basketball down, creating a shock wave. This will destroy the basketball for a short time, and the Shoulder Charge attack can be used instead. Train-L! also works well with an ally who threw his basketball and hit the opponent, allowing LeBron to teleport to the location of the ball before performing an attack.

Attack “Hop!” similar to “Buckets!”, as LeBron tosses his basketball up into the air as a projectile. “Refusal!” – Another attack that is partially physical and projectile: LeBron hits the ground with a basketball to launch it into the air. If he does not have a basketball in his hands, LeBron instead creates a fence that blocks the projectiles, and any blocked projectile re-summons his basketball. In addition, many of the unlockable characters in MultiVersus benefit greatly from LeBron’s perks.

  • Make it rain, dog! (level 2): ​​Projectile speed is increased by 20%. When stacked, the team’s projectile speed is increased by up to 25%.
  • I dodge You dodge We dodge (level 7): After dodging an attack, the team gains 10% cooldown on the ability’s duration. When stacked, this effect increases to 15%.
  • 3 Player (Level 10): The basketball explodes when LeBron or an ally hits an opponent from afar.
  • Champion of the Day (Level 11): Team gains a 10% jump height increase. When stacked, this benefit increases to 15%.

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