How to Play Iron Giant in MultiVersus: Tips and Strategies

The Iron Giant is a playable character in MultiVersus that acts as a tank-type unit with a hybrid fighting style. Instead of double jumping, the giant robot uses rocket-powered legs to fly through the air. In addition, the Iron Giant has a passive rage mode that builds up over time and can be released to wreak havoc on opponents. To play the Iron Giant effectively in combat, users need to understand the character’s basic multiverse mechanics, combos, and best perks. In terms of perks, players are advised to equip an Iron Giant with Fast & Furious, Wildcat, Fatal Shot, and Absorb.

Iron Giant’s special perk “Fast and the Furious” – helps initiate attacks or deal damage while on cooldown. As a tank for his team, the Iron Giant will spend most of his time on the ground, so Wildcat can buff ground damage for mech and allies. Similar to Mortal Shot, it increases the damage dealt by projectiles, which is useful when the giant is in a projectile-boosted rage mode. Finally, due to the Iron Giant’s sheer size, it is more prone to being hit by enemy projectiles. As a result, Absorb comes in handy to compensate for ability delays when dealing ranged damage.

When playing as an Iron Giant, it is very important to monitor and manage the character’s fuel meter. Since the giant consumes fuel while flying or performing unique attacks in MultiVersus, players must ensure that they have sufficient fuel to prepare for initiation or retaliation. Also, coordinate with allies to use Fury Mode effectively, as the Iron Giant is temporarily immune to knockback, allowing him to lead his comrades on the attack.

How to use Iron Giant

The following are the best combos that can be used for Iron Giant in MultiVersus:

  • Side Taser: Side Injury is… Art! – Lateral damage – Systems ready!
    • This combo aims to stun enemies by knocking them back to the edge of the arena and then using “Systems Ready!” throw them off the platform. This combo is useful for attacking enemies on the ground or in the air, but be sure to tilt your Systems Ready! ability properly to match the height of the target.
  • Capturing the Enemy: Missile Strike – Side Damage – Continue – Systems Ready!
    • This combo is similar to the one above, it uses CC on the enemy target, moving them closer to the edge of the arena. Make sure you coordinate well with your teammates before picking an enemy so you don’t interrupt an ally’s combo.

While the Iron Giant can deal decent damage to opponents, users should focus on parrying attacks and protecting allies with the Bolt of Friends. Use the giant’s height and size to protect teammates from flying projectiles and ground attacks.

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