How to Play Garnet in MultiVersus: Tips and Strategies

In MultiVersus, Garnet is a powerful fighter who stands out from all other characters due to his unique play strategy and the best advantages. Garnet is one of the game’s fighters from Steven Universe and she is one of the easiest characters to unlock. Players looking for a new fighter with a supportive yet offensive playstyle should unlock Garnet as soon as possible.

Those who don’t mind spending money to get 700 Gleamium in MultiVersus can unlock Garnet right away, but it’s not required. Garnet can be unlocked for free by playing online matches, completing daily quests, and completing missions to earn gold. Garnet can be unlocked for 1,500 gold, which is much cheaper than any other character in the game.

Although Garnet is a Bruiser-class fighter in MultiVersus, her use requires more technical control than other characters of the same class. For example, with her Neutral Special Attack, Garnet creates a singing barrier that can stop enemy projectiles, allowing her to send them back to the sender. This move also increases allies’ speed and enemy armor damage. For this reason alone, Garnet is a great character to unlock and use in MultiVersus for those who prefer to play as a fighter who can deal damage and help out allies well.

Best Fins and Strategies Garnet

Some of Garnet’s other special moves allow her to be a skilled ranged fighter, as she retains all of the strengths of her standard melee attacks. Steven Universe has a sideways special move that allows her to fire her gloves with pinpoint accuracy, although they do have a delay. Similarly, Garnet’s upward special attack allows her to charge an electric bolt, leaving an electrified zone wherever it lands. This zone increases allies’ melee damage and knocks back enemies when it expires. The Down Special Attack complements these ranged attacks, allowing Garnet to place a marker, dash towards it, and grab an enemy along the way to throw them. A great ally for Steven Universe is Arya Stark in MultiVersus, as they have similar abilities.

  • Impact Strength (Rank 2): The team deals 5% more damage with attacks that knock enemies horizontally. When stacked, the team deals 10% increased damage.
  • “… In a single impulse!” (Level 4): Your team gains 10% increased jump speed. Stacking them will increase your jump speed by 15%.
  • Speed ​​Booster (Level 12): The team gains a 4% base movement speed increase. When stacked, the team’s movement speed is increased by 8%.
  • Electrical Groove (8th level): Placing electrical debuffs on Garnet’s enemies or her ally grants stacks of Garnet’s singing buff.

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