How to play against friends in MLB The Show 22

Playing with friends in MLB The Show 22 is pretty fun. The pitch-by-pitch experience allows for a freer, more conversational fight. These moments can be filled with conversation about life or classic chatter. In any case, there is something to do here for everyone who wants to play against their buddies.

How to play with friends in MLB The Show 22

How to play against friends is not so difficult. In fact, it’s more a matter of choosing what to play than how to play. MLB The Show 22 offers a variety of game modes for any sports gamer, from full-fledged fantasy leagues to all-time trade shows and the classic “my team vs. your team” game.

Turn on crossplay and add friends

  • Go to the “My Profile” tab
  • Switch the right side to “Cross Play: Enabled”
  • Add friends under the “Friends” button on the left

Of course, none of these modes will work without the system’s prior permission to play with friends. For Switch, Xbox and PlayStation users, cross-play should be enabled by default. If it’s off, turn it on to play with friends on other consoles.

It’s a shame that PC gamers are still waiting to play this game, but it will satisfy other consoles for now. If you need to add friends, click the “Friends” button, go to the right tab, and click “Submit a new friend request” to feel a little less lonely.

Pass the diamond dynasty

  • Diamond Dynasty => Gameplay => Online Modes => Play Against Friends

Some players may prefer the old announcer team over the new broadcast booth, but when chatting with friends, they are all secondary characters. The main focus of the PvP mode is the Diamond Dynasty mode, which pits a fantastic team against a fantastic team.

The option is buried, perhaps more than it should be, but the experience is fun. The balance of talent and luck makes it so that spending thousands of dollars on this mode is not a guaranteed way to win.

Other modes

Diamond Dynasty may be the signature way to play against friends, but the franchise mode and direct exhibition matches haven’t been forgotten either. By clicking on a friend, players can play a classic no-bet head-to-head match using their favorite team.

Franchise mode allows players to manage their team throughout the season; they can even have one friend on each team for a potentially massive spectacle fit for an entire workplace. Make deals and see who will improve their team the best to get a lasting and rewarding experience.

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