How to Parry Taz’ Tornado Attack in MultiVersus

In MultiVersus, Taz-Nado, also called Taz’s Tornado, is a special attack during which Taz spins forward in a wild tornado, dealing multiple hits to enemies. When performed in the air, this special lateral movement does not function differently. However, dealing with Taz-Nado can be incredibly difficult and frustrating, as Taz users tend to spam this special move multiple times during a fight. This special attack in MultiVersus stuns those stuck in her “death zone”. Moreover, Taz’s “Tornado” will cause players to constantly flinch when taking damage, which will eventually cause the user to be kicked out of the arena.

Accordingly, understanding how to counter Taz’s “Tornado” in MultiVersus is essential to defeating the iconic Tasmanian Devil. If players don’t know how to counter Taz-Nado, they will often get frustrated or frustrated with this seemingly “OP” mechanic. Being trapped in the Tornado of Taza in MultiVersus is something no fighting game player wants to experience.

Luckily, there are several ways to counter Taz-Nado in MultiVersus. The first way is to use an armor piercing attack, an ability that every character should have. For example, Superman’s uppercut uppercut will connect with Taz “in the middle of the tornado”, causing the Tasmanian Devil to be thrown into the air. Keep in mind that the player will still take damage from Taz-Nado, but armor penetration will cancel the tornado.

Another counter move against Taz-Nado in MultiVersus is to perform any attack before making contact with the tornado. This move requires precise timing, but it is a quick and easy way to stop the rotation of the pelvis. Remember that the entire tornado counts as a Taz hitbox, which means that any attacks landed on the vortex will affect the Taz player. Additionally, attacking with a downward aerial attack is also an effective counter, but players will have to find a way to get over Taz before performing this more difficult move.

Finally, the easiest way to interrupt Taz’s Tornado in MultiVersus is to use a ranged attack or throw a projectile at Taz. For example, Batman’s Batarang will interrupt Taz-Nado, and Superman’s Ice Breath can cause Taz to freeze. In other words, every character in MultiVersus has some form of attack that can potentially counter Taz’s Tornado. Naturally, some techniques will be more effective than others; therefore, it is very important to understand and learn the basic moves of each character in order to properly counter Taz-Nado in MultiVersus.

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