How to open the jet board in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has a variety of items that you can unlock as you progress. Among the items you will find are relics. These bits of technology are used to help you travel the world, fight enemies and uncover hidden secrets. Among these relics, you will receive the Rocket Board, a transport relic that will come in handy when exploring the world.

How to get a jet board

Getting the jet board can take a while, depending on how fast you progress through the game. If you watch every scene and complete all the side quests, it will take a long time to get the board. At least you can see how Shirley uses her board to see how cool it is.

As part of the first chapter of the game, you will unlock the jet board before heading to Bang. When you reach the end of the first chapter, you will be given a plank so you can cross the bay and get to Bangsa Dock. From now on, you will always be able to use the jet board if you have one.

How to use the jet board

The Rocket Board is a relic that is used exclusively for movement. Like a vehicle, a jet board will get you from point A to point B much faster than walking. Unlike a vehicle, a jetboard only works on water. You can call him on land, but he won’t move fast. It is extremely useful when searching up and down rivers and when crossing the ocean. It is also very useful in Navia Bay. The only time you’ll want to use a jet board on dry land is when going down a slope.

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