How to open the door to the street in Stray

In Stray, after escaping from prison and taking the key to the subway from Clementine, Cat and B-12 become the last hope to open the door to the Outer Station. Activating the station by placing an atomic battery in Stray will allow the duo to use the train and reach their final destination.

After a while, players will be taken to a more decent-looking subway station full of robots that don’t seem to have minds of their own. This is not surprising, since memory erasure is used as a punishment in prison. The cat needs to find its way to the control room on the B-12 in order to open the door to the outside.

How to open the door to the outside

In order to open the door to the Outworld in Stray, players need to follow three critical steps to help B-12 hack the system and open the door: open the control room, activate the system, and disable the security layers.

Open the control room

The control room is tightly locked. By using the B-12 to go through the door system, you will learn that it was designed to be opened by humans. Therefore, the Companion Drone offers to team up with the cat to open the door.

Approach the box that is opposite the closed door to the control room and use the B-12 to break it open, forcing the Cat to follow him everywhere. Approach the second control panel, located to the left of the door, to place a box under it. First interact with the right panel, then jump on the crate and the Cat will start scratching the left panel, thus opening the door.

Activate the system

When they enter the control room, the system is down and all machines are off. Cat and B-12 approach the main computer and the Companion Drone asks the cat to turn on all the other computers to access their data.

Opposite the main computer are three rows of screens. Players need to jump on each row and swipe the keypad on each row to turn it on, thus activating the system.

Disable Security Levels

Activating the system results in three levels of protection, making it impossible to open the door to the Outside World. B-12 then suggests finding the machines powering the security system to hack into them, and the cat can scratch them to disrupt the machines a bit.

These three machines can be recognized by the yellow locked key on their screen. The first one is to the right of the control station on the roof; scratch the cables and let the B-12 hack it.

The second is to the right of the main computer. Climb onto the car, destroy the cables, and let the B-12 do its thing.

The last machine is to the left of the main computer. Jump on the black box and remove the board to destroy the cables, then let the companion drone hack the third car.

The final step is to pick up the B-12 and take it to the roof control station to disable the alarm and open the door to the outside.

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