How to open Quant’s relic in Tower of Fantasy

There are many relics that you can find and unlock while traveling through the Tower of Fantasy. These relics help you move around the map, fight enemies in combat, and discover hidden areas and objects. One of the many relics you can find is called Quant. This relic is a small droid that can be called upon to help in combat. Don’t forget about this little guy the next time you’re in battle.

How to get Quant’s relic

There are many relics in the game that can be obtained by completing a quest, completing the Ruins Dungeon, or even completing part of the story. Unfortunately, Quant’s relic cannot be obtained by any of these methods. You may not know how to unlock it.

The Quant Relic can be unlocked by exploring the world. In particular, you need to explore the Bangs region. This is the second region you will enter in the game. As you progress through the region, you will need to collect intelligence points in order to unlock the relic. Intelligence points can be obtained by exploring the map and opening items for the first time. To get points, you need to open supply pods, explore points of interest, complete Ruin dungeons, and unlock spacers. You will unlock the Quant relic as soon as you earn 800 research points in the Bang region.

What does the Relic of Quant do?

The Quant Relic is one of many that can be used in combat. This relic is a small drone that generates a shield that lasts for five seconds. When the shield disappears, it knocks nearby enemies back and deals damage equal to 100% of ATK +50. This shield can also stun enemies when it breaks, making it a useful tool in combat. You can summon a shield once every 30 seconds.

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