How to open photo mode in Ghostwire: Tokyo

The photo mode feature has become a must in most games, and Ghostwire: Tokyo is no exception, despite the fact that the game is also available on Steam. Photo Mode is a fun way for players to take advantage of the details of the game and create artistic monuments for each milestone reached. Photo Mode in Ghostwire: Tokyo is somewhat unique compared to most games that have this feature, including the fact that it has to be unlocked.

Photo Mode features in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo has several interesting features of the photo mode, most notably the fact that the game stays in real time when players pick up the camera. This means that enemies, if they are close enough, will still attack Akito if they see him, even if he is hidden in the “selfie” camera mode. Selfie Mode puts the camera in third-person mode, allowing players to wear outfits similar to those from Fallout 4 in Ghostwire: Tokyo. The third-person photo mode also allows players to use various emoji, which can be unlocked through numerous side quests in the game.

Photo Mode isn’t available until players reach Chapter 2, but there’s nothing special about it. All locations in the first chapter can be re-explored with the beginning of the second chapter, including the hospital where Akito first meets Hanyu. Likewise, outfits also can’t be changed until Chapter 2, which means those who pre-ordered the game won’t be able to change into their bonus costumes right away. In addition, Photo Mode can only be used at a certain time after unlocking it, making it impossible to showcase Akito’s best skills in Ghostwire: Tokyo unless players can take a quick screenshot.

Tips and Tricks for Using Photo Mode in Ghostwire: Tokyo

After the start of Chapter 2, players can enter the photo mode by pausing the game and selecting the appropriate option from the menu. However, this will immediately return players to the real game filled with visitors, sounds and environmental changes. If Akito is attacked while in photo mode, players will immediately jump back into combat, bypassing the pause menu. Of course, this makes it incredibly difficult to photograph any of the Visitors, but Akito can still hide behind objects while players take quick shots of other characters in action.

Unfortunately, Photo Mode also cannot be used when players are gliding through the air or swinging like Spider-Man in the open world Ghostwire: Tokyo. In addition, in Photo Mode, players can apply various filters that can be unlocked by completing various side missions throughout the game.

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