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Created by Blacksmith Charsi, the Infernal Reliquary is a conduit device in Diablo Immortal that detects powerful Wrath demons and guides them to a rift-like dungeon where the hero can fight the devil alone or with a squad. This supernatural device links adventurers to the Tree of Einfrin, which is the direct gateway to these lairs where battles will take place. After defeating the demon Rathborn in Diablo Immortal, the Infernal Reliquary increases its combat rating – the most important combat attribute and a key element in the development of the Infernal Reliquary.

Everything you need to know about the Infernal Reliquary

As the heroes increase their battle rating and improve the level of the Infernal Reliquary, new demons of Wrath will become available. These Infernal Reliquary bosses will drop a variety of rewards, including demonic remains and items that can be placed directly into device slots. These remains give bonuses to the combat rating and other attributes of the character to improve combat. In order to upgrade the Infernal Altar, Diablo Immortal players must mine Skoria, a unique material that can be taken to Charsi for refining. She will smelt Skoria into Infernal Skoria – the main resource for ascension of the Infernal Reliquary.

In order to unlock the Infernal Reliquary in Diablo Immortal, adventurers must first complete the main storyline quest on Bilefen, an island located south of Aranoch. Players will get to this location in Diablo Immortal through Zoltun Kulle’s Library around levels 40-45. After completing the quest, the heroes can return to Westmarch and speak with Deckard Caine in his workshop to start the quest “Opening the Infernal Reliquary”.

How to open the Infernal Reliquary

After meeting with Cain in Westmarch, he will introduce the main character to Rayek, a friend of Charsi. He can be found near the Einfrinn tree in the city. After completing the dialogue with Ryek, the player can interact with the Infernal Reliquary to be transported to the instance. In the scene with the tree, a blood-red gate will open. Lassalle will stick his evil essence out of the portal and deliver a short monologue, after which he will unleash hell on Westmarch.

The protagonist will then return to Cain’s workshop, where Raek will explain the situation to him. Then go through the city and destroy the attacking hordes of demons. Eventually, Diablo Immortal’s class heroes will make their way to Rakkis Square and face Chaos Harbinger Peel, a miniboss that can be defeated after destroying the surrounding Spiers of Death. After Jigsaw’s death, go to the Einfrinn Tree and fight Lassalle the Firebreather. At the end of the battle, the main character will wake up from a trance state and gain access to the Infernal Reliquary.

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