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In Genshin Impact, the Lost Valley Dungeon is a new dungeon where you can find two powerful artifact sets – Cinnabar Afterlife and Offering Echoes – and given their viability on multiple characters, access this location to immediately start farming is a must.

How to find and open the Lost Valley dungeon

The Lost Valley is easily unlocked within the first hour of new content in Genshin Impact 2.6. By simply gaining access to the Cave Mines, players are able to unlock a new dungeon that is within a short distance of the only Archon statue on the Cave Mines map, making it an important place to visit for many reasons.

Those looking to unlock the Lost Valley in Genshin Impact can find its location on the map below. Read on to find out about a small puzzle that needs to be solved before gaining access in order to get the artifacts as quickly as possible.

Solving the Lost Valley Dungeon Puzzle

Players will discover that the location above contains a Unique Stone. To open access to the domain, you need to enter into resonance with this unique stone, but it is not immediately clear where the statue is located, with which you can enter into resonance.

Players wishing to unlock the Lost Valley must first place a geo-construct on the floor panel shown here, right in front of the Unique Stone. This will cause rings to appear in the air, allowing players to quickly move to the next required location.

Next, players will need to quickly move through the rings to reach a huge piece of rock emerging from the new area. A chest will spawn on the right rock, and it is the only rock in the area that glows Geo Energy. Create a Geo construct again to create a resonance effect with the rock that will ripple. As long as the first geo-construct remains on top of the floor marker, it will act as the last one in the chain to reveal Unique Rock.

The final step in unlocking the Lost Valley in Genshin Impact is simply to return to the location that was previously blocked and enter the cave. There, players will find some ores and, to the right of the hole in the floor, a new dungeon.

What artifacts are in the Lost Valley dungeon

In the Lost Valley dungeon, you will find sets of the following artifacts – Cinnabar Afterlife and Offering Echoes. These artifacts contain unique effects that make them useful for different team compositions. Characters such as Xiao and new 5-star Hydro Sword user Ayato are some of those who will benefit from experimenting with these options.

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