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Unlock new heroes.

AT Valorant, unlike similar in spirit Overwatch, not the entire list of heroes is available to the player from the threshold. By analogy with Paladins they need to be unlocked. That’s only if in the Hi-Rez Studios project you will have to pay for new characters with game currency, then open agents Valorant needed by completing in-game quests. How this system works is described in this guide.

Default agent set

How to get the first two new agents in Valorant

Beginners can only play as five characters: Jett, Sage, Brimstone, Sova and Phoenix. At the same time, the game allows novice players to unlock any two more agents for free and relatively quickly. To do this, you need to reach player level 10. You can do this by completing tasks that are displayed on the main screen of the game – the “Play and get new agents” contract.

Guide: How to open agents in Valorant

You will receive “Free Agent” cards for reaching levels 5 and 10 of this contract. With these cards, you can open any interested character from the list, there are no restrictions on the choice.

Guide: How to open agents in Valorant

How to quickly open all agents in Valorant

Other characters can be unlocked by completing their personal contracts. To find out which tasks you need to complete:

  1. Go to the tab “Agents”.
  2. Select the required character.
  3. Click on the button “View Contract”.

After you upgrade the contract to level 5, the agent will become available to you.

Guide: How to unlock agents in Valorant

To complete tasks and gain experience, the best mode is “Fast. Spike installation». As with the first contract, here you will need to complete several types of tasks. Usually they are related to the installation of Spike, the use of the ult and the number of headshots.

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