How to make gold bars in V Rising

Gold Bar is a reagent in V Rising used to craft items and gear, especially in the later stages of the game. Gold bars can be smelted in a furnace, but the recipe for making them must be unlocked by defeating Azariel Sunlord, Level V 68 Blood Bearer, located in Brighthaven Cathedral in the Silverlight Hills. This boss is very strong and is able to deal powerful holy damage to his enemies in V Rising mode. Therefore, vampires need to unlock and craft the Flask of Holy Resistance before encountering this Carrier. This alchemy recipe can be obtained from Werewolf Chieftain Wilfred, Level 64 Boss in Obscurant Village, located near the Cursed Forest.

After defeating Azariel the Sun Sovereign and unlocking the gold bar recipe, V Rising vampires can start producing gold bars in their castle furnace. The production of one ingot requires a base cost of resources: Sulfur ×8 and Gold Decorations ×8. As with the cost of any structural production, this amount can be reduced by placing the oven on an appropriate floor.

The first ingredient for crafting gold bars in V Rising is sulfur, a powdered reagent made from sulfur ore found in Farbane Woods and Silverlight Hills. Sulfur can only be obtained after the vampires kill Clive Firebreather, a level 30 V blood carrier located in the Bandits’ Sulfur Quarry. This place is also a great place to mine sulfur ore to produce gold bars. Other gold concentrations include the Stone Ruins south of the suburb of Brighthaven, the patch of land above the north gate of the Silverlight Hills, and the wooded area south of the Forgotten Cemetery.

Sulfur is easy to find as it is a common resource that is found in abundance in the starting region. On the other hand, gold decorations in V Rising are harder to find, as they are mostly mined in the dangerous areas of the Silverlight Hills. Gold jewelry can drop from any human mobs in the region. However, the best places where players can mine this ingredient – gold nuggets – are the districts of Brighthaven.

Brighthaven Cathedral is the only landmark in V Rising that lists its important loot as containing Gold Ornaments. Accordingly, it is one of the best sources of this resource. However, players can also find a large amount of gold decorations in Brighthaven Square, particularly in loot containers such as shelves and chests. Finally, although there are no gold decorations in the Brighthaven Docks and Brighthaven Slums, elite mobs often drop this item. Specifically, vampires must loot gold jewelry from paladins, clerics, and priests.

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