How to make a roof for a castle in V Rising

V Rising allows you to create epic castles and absorb the blood of your enemies to become a real vampire. Unfortunately, this is difficult to do if the sun is burning your character. In this game, the vampires are deadly allergic to vitamin D, so you’ll need a roof over your head to properly use your castle during the daytime.

The fact is that the creation of a roof is fraught with some difficulties. In this quick guide, we’ll quickly walk you through how to create castle roofs in V Rising and provide an alternative to castle roofs for players who are just starting out and don’t have access to high end castle materials.

Creating castle roofs in V Rising

To create a roof, you need to use Reinforced Walls and Castle Floor from the Castle tab. To create them, you will need stone bricks and planks. After preparing the reinforced walls and floor, create a room of any size. A roof will be dynamically generated over the enclosed space you have created, blocking the room from direct sunlight.

The size of the roof will vary depending on the size of the enclosed space. For example, if you create a 1×1 room with reinforced walls, the roof will only generate over that 1×1 space. If you expand the room with additional walls, the roof will also grow at no additional cost.

Palisades and other wooden structures cannot create roofs; only materials from the Castle tab can do this. However, it is possible to reduce the threat of sunlight by using fog braziers.

Use of fog grills

Fog hawk hawks, not included in the tutorial quest, can be crafted to prevent the character from being exposed to sunlight in a small radius – about a 3×3 area. They can be found under the Basics tab in the build menu and cost 120 gems each. After construction, the foggy braziers must be refueled with bones. One bone is consumed every minute the Mist Brazier is active. Turn them off at night to save resources.

Tips for Building a Castle Roof in V Rising

  • First focus on building roofs over your crafting stations. The rest of the castle you can upgrade later.
  • Use barbecues to cover areas of the castle that cannot be roofed over.
  • The walls that create the roof can be of any type according to the “Castle” type.
    • Door frames do not require doors to create a roof, nor do walls with reinforced windows.

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