How to light a fire in Green Hell

In Green Hell, the player’s needs may differ from game to game, but every survival game challenges the player to find critical resources to sustain life. It can be an energy rod to keep a vital generator running, or wild berries to feed the characters. Whatever these resources are, the player is not far off seeing Game Over.

Green Hell Jungle Survival Simulator is a deep, challenging and difficult game. The player will need a variety of resources to keep himself nourished and hydrated, fight off infections, and otherwise keep himself alive. One of the most basic and important resources in Green Hell is fire, allowing the player to cook and keep warm during long nights. Here’s everything players need to know about making fire.

Fire making tools

Making a fire is necessary for boiling water and other necessary things. Creating a base for a campfire is a simple process, but it requires a number of crafting materials: 6 small sticks, 8 regular sticks, 1 hand drill and 1 dry leaf. Finding sticks is very easy, as many trees in the jungle can be cut down. To collect them from the trees, the player will need a cutting tool. The player can craft a stone knife with 2 small stones or a bone knife with 1 bone and 1 rope. In addition, the player can find a knife in an abandoned tribal village encountered at the beginning of the game.

By cutting down a tree, you can get various resources, including planks and sticks of different sizes. Large sticks can be split into smaller ones, so if the player only has large sticks, they can still get the required resource.

After collecting all the necessary firewood, select the item “Small fire” in the notebook. This will allow the player to choose a campfire site. Gathered resources can now be placed there to start the fire itself. The player is one step closer to survival in one of the most brutal survival games ever.

Fuel and kindling

Having built the base for the fire, the player can start lighting it. This will require a hand drill and either dry leaves or a bird’s nest. Dry leaves are brown in color, unlike regular leaves, and can be found on banana or nut trees. In addition, the player can dry the leaves themselves using the bamboo dryer. Simply harvest the leaves by cutting the bushes and then use the bamboo dryer to dry them. If the player wants to use the nests, they should look for them both in the trees and on the jungle floor. Bird nests are more random and, like hunting armadillos, can be much more difficult than finding dry leaves.

The hand drill uses a proven survival game formula to craft: 1 stick or plank and 1 small stick, materials that the player has likely already collected while collecting materials for the campfire base. Open the craft menu and combine materials to create a drill. To use a hand drill, hover over it in your backpack and select “Use” from the menu. If the player has a bird’s nest or dry leaves in their inventory that can serve as ash, the character will place the hand drill in front of them and prepare to start a fire.

If you use a nest or dry leaves with a hand drill, you will get a flame. Please note that if the character does not have enough stamina, then it will end before he completes the process, which will waste ash and deplete the hand drill’s durability. When the ember is ready, walk up to the fire and the game will display the “Light it up” prompt. Select it to start a fire. By adding leaves, feathers, and other flammable items to keep the fire going, the player can bring this long game of survival to a close.

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