How to level up in Persona 5: Royal

Mastery is one of the five social stats in Persona 5: Royal. Like other indicators, it can be increased in various ways, depending on how the Joker spends his free time. Mastery is important to rank up some confidants such as Haru and Yuusuke. It also allows the Joker to craft more tools in less time.

The ways to increase your skill in Persona 5: Royal range from watching certain DVDs to ordering certain foods. Some skill-building activities are only available at certain times and seasons, while others are always available. It’s recommended to invest in mastery early on, as it opens up better opportunities the higher it’s leveled up.

Ways to improve skills with items

Skill-enhancing items include books, movies, and games that can be purchased or rented from various shops in Yongen Jaya, Shibuya, and Shujin Academy. Remember that movies and games can be watched in the Joker’s room, and read in Shujin’s library, on Leblanc’s stool, or on the train seat.

Items Where and how to get Mastery obtained Broken Computer Can be bought in Yongen Jaya on September 1st. (The Joker will also need repair tools from Akihabara.) The computer can be repaired at the Joker’s workstation in Leblanc. Gives +2 TV Mastery Buy from Yumenoshima in Yongen Jaya. DVDs can then be rented at Shibuya Main Street Guy McWare DVD Rental. Each section grants +2 to Mastery Retro Game Console Purchased from Yumenoshima in Yongen Jaya Hire the Sarutahiko Golfer. Each level grants +2 Mastery Heart Alignment (Book) Purchased from Taiheido Bookstore at Shibuya Central Street +3 Woman in the Dark (Book) Available for rent from Shujin Academy Library after Haru joins the Phantom Thieves +3

Ways to improve skills taking into account time

Throughout Persona 5: Royal, it’s important to check the calendar, and not just to steal hearts. There are some activities, available only on certain days or months, that can increase the skill level.

When What to do How much knowledge you have acquired The week before October Order a totem pole at dinner during your studies +1 and other social characteristics depending on the weather October Watch “Entry Allowed”, a film that premiered in Shibuya +3 January See “March” sheep.” a movie that premieres in Yongen Jaya +3 Every Sunday Buy and drink juice in the Shibuya Underpass Increases random stats by +1

Activities that are always available

In addition to items and actions that require a certain amount of time, some methods of increasing the skill are always available to the Joker. These activities are the best starting points, especially for players who want to unlock more effective social stats later.

Play in the whipping cages located on the roof of one of the buildings in Yongen Jaya. It is unlocked after reading one chapter of the Yoncha Wanderer book, which the Joker will find automatically after cleaning his room. The game always gives +1 skill, and if the Joker successfully completes all five innings, he will give two.
Fishing in Ichigaya can be unlocked by reading the Fishpond Watcher book. Otherwise, it will automatically unlock on July 6th by Ryuuji. Fishing always gives the Joker +1 skill.
Playing pool at the Penguin Sniper Club in Kichijoji increases a random Social Score by +1 (except Kindness).
At his workplace in Leblanc, the Joker can craft infiltration tools. They can be used in palaces, and when used they give the Joker +2 to +3 Mastery.

Part time job

There are two part-time jobs that give the Joker more skill. The first is the Beef Bowl Shop, which is located on the main street of Shibuya and is open only at night. The Joker receives additional skills and rewards on the 29th of every month. In normal times, he gets +2 skills and +3 if the orders are completed correctly. Please note that the Joker must have a Rank 2 qualification to work there, and it will unlock in May.

The second job that improves skills is the Crossroads bar in Shinjuku. To work in it, the Joker must have a 4 rank of skill, 3 rank of charm and 3 rank of courage. Social indicators change depending on the client being served.

Confidants and trials

Munehisa Iwai is the only confidant who can give the Joker Mastery Points. It gives +2 skill points when the Joker spends free time with him. However, the Joker needs to have a high Courage score in order to unlock Iwai as a Confidant.

And finally, there is the Big Bang Burger competition. Completing each burger increases the skill as follows:

  • Comet Burger: +1
  • Gravity Burger: +2
  • Space Burger: +3

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