How to level up CS in Tower of Fantasy

There is a lot to understand when you start playing Tower of Fantasy. Pretty early in the game, you’ll be shown everything from jetpacks and bikes to elemental damage and abilities. However, one of the many mechanics that is kept quiet about is CS. The game doesn’t do much to explain what CS is and how to level it up. Luckily, this mechanic is easy to understand and can be upgraded fairly easily.

What is CS in Tower of Fantasy?

In MMO games, there is usually a way to measure a character’s strength. In Destiny, you have a level of Light. In Final Fantasy XIV and many other games, you have an item level. This is a way to determine exactly how strong your character is getting, as well as determine if you are strong enough to complete certain missions.

CS, or Battle Score, in Tower of Fantasy is the game’s way of keeping track of your character’s power level. The higher your CS, the stronger your character. You can check your combat score by going to the character menu. Your CS determines if you have access to upgrades for your suppressor and if you can enter new areas.

How to increase CS in Tower of Fantasy

You don’t have to worry about your combat score right away. You won’t have access to this feature until you reach level 25 and unlock the gear. You can increase your CS by equipping and upgrading equipment. For example, by looking at a weapon, you can see how much it boosts your CS.

Additional equipment can be obtained by completing tasks and missions corresponding to your level. Ruin Dungeons are a great place to get new gear. You can also obtain upgrade materials by completing quests, opening world chests, and interacting with environmental items.

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