How to kill Silas in The Quarry and get the “White Wolf” achievement

As The Quarry unfolds, six years have passed since the big fire that freed Silas, the dog boy, from his cage. This character is the main antagonist in this story, the White Werewolf, who is responsible for all the curses in the area. After a fire in the house, many tragedies begin to occur, and the Hacketts are left with no choice but to pursue the White Werewolf once and for all.

The family hunted for Silas for many years, but were never able to kill him. However, as the story progresses, players will have a chance to kill the White Werewolf and free all victims. But to do this, they will need to follow several steps in different chapters. Here’s what you need to do to kill Silas in The Quarry.

How to kill Silas in The Quarry

In order to kill Silas in The Quarry, players must complete certain actions in chapters 7, 9, and 10. Successfully completing these actions will unlock the “White Wolf” achievement.

Chapter 7: Don’t Shoot Travis

In the seventh chapter, Travis locks Laura and Max in the police station. Here, players will be able to explore the lot after Laura witnesses Max’s transformation.

On the second floor in the last room in one of the cabinets you can find a tranquilizer syringe. Hide it behind the loose brick.

After a while, Laura will pretend to be sick, and Travis will come to visit her. Quickly perform a QTE to use the syringe on him and knock him out.

Note: Alternate method: If the players were unable to find the syringe, successfully complete the QTE while Laura is ill in order to grab the gun and dodge Travis. Then select the “Apologetic” dialogue option so Laura can leave Travis unharmed.

Chapter 9: Take a Bite and Shoot Chris

In the ninth chapter, Ryan will suffer blood loss due to a stab wound inflicted by Bobby. When Laura offers to infect him by biting his hand so he can heal, agree to the bite so Ryan survives.

This is a very important step, otherwise he will die in the next chapter, and the meeting with Silas will become impossible.

Later, after Ryan and Laura fall through the ground with the werewolf Chris, shoot Chris to heal Max, Laura and Ryan. Since Laura didn’t shoot Travis in the seventh chapter, he will spare her life after she transforms into a human.

After that, while controlling Laura, select the “Suspicious” dialog.

Chapter 10: Kill If You Choose

In the last chapter, wait for Laura to become a playable character and drive with Travis and Ryan in search of Silas. When the monster attacks Laura by doing all the QTEs correctly and choosing “Take the wheel”, the group will run over the monster in a car and then leave the car to look for Silas on foot.

Silas is eventually found curled up in his cage, where a large fire has broken out. To get the “White Wolf” achievement, players must select the “Raise Weapon” option and then shoot Silas to heal everyone.

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