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The Elden Ring Easy Mode Mod by Nexusmods is currently the most popular mod for the game as it improves player damage, health regeneration, damage resistance and more. Nexusmods has long been a major source of trusted in-game mods for a number of games, primarily because these mods are easy to install and are recognized as safe by users. However, when installing mods for any game, there is always a risk, such as corrupted files that can erase all progress. For a safe installation, be sure to follow the instructions below.

Other benefits of the Easy Mode mod for Elden Ring include increased player damage radius, +10 starting stats for all characters, 500 item unlocks, no weight for weapons, armor, and accessories. This facilitates the creation of the Rogue look in Elden Ring, in which players rely on the use of heavier weapons and armor to maximize the character’s damage and defense. Additionally, the weightless armor allows players to dodge more easily, making the game more friendly to newbies and casual players.

How to install the “Easy difficulty mode” mod for Elden Ring

To install the Easy Mode mod, follow these steps:

  • Back up the existing “regulation.bin” file
  • Disable “Easy Anti-Cheat” with “Nexusmod Anti-cheat Toggler”
  • Replace the downloaded “regulation.bin” file with the mod file from the backup location (for example, steamapps\common\Elden Ring\Game\etc)

To remove the Easy Mode mod:

  • Replace the “moded regulation.bin” file with the backup/original file.

If there is an update for Elden Ring:

  • Check File Integrity
  • Disable anti-cheat again
  • Once again, replace the “regulation.bin” file with the “Easy Difficulty Mode” mod.

The Easy Mode mod is not intended to be used online in Elden Ring to avoid problems with mod availability or PvP integrity in the game. Instead, the mod should only be used offline to simply enjoy Elden Ring and all it has to offer without being regularly hit by any number of enemies.

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