How to increase stamina in Tower of Fantasy

The player’s ability to run and climb in Tower of Fantasy is determined in no small part by the stamina they have. Indeed, stamina is depleted as these and other actions are performed, and after the stamina is completely depleted, the player will have to take a short break from the game. This means that players need to increase their maximum stamina in Tower of Fantasy if they hope to run and climb long distances, and this guide details how to do that.

Endurance and how it can be increased

To increase maximum stamina, players must obtain some Mighty Mushrooms. These items are said to “contain a massive Omnium Essence”, and this essence is enough to increase a Tower of Fantasy character’s stamina by 50 when consumed. There are currently two ways to obtain Mighty Mushrooms, and here are the details of both:


Tower of Fantasy has a variety of achievements that players can earn and can be viewed by clicking on the “Terminal” button in the pause menu. After going to the “Achievements” section of the terminal, players should go to the “Overview” tab and pay attention to the rewards that are given for reaching various milestones of achievement points. These rewards do include Mighty Mushrooms, and gacha fans will receive their first mushroom when they complete enough achievements to earn a total of 250 points.

Progress in exploration

Research progress is earned by activating supply pods, visiting research points, scenic spots and ruins in the Tower of Fantasy, etc., and this provides another opportunity to get Mighty Mushrooms. Players can check their exploration progress by clicking on the crossed swords at the top right of the screen, then Featured, then World Exploration, and they will see that there is a reward track associated with it. Endurance items spawn on this path, and fans can slowly work their way towards them.

It should be noted that there is currently a trick that allows Tower of Fantasy players to climb to any height regardless of stamina level. To perform this trick, fans must simply release their grip on the wall they are climbing, then quickly double jump to gain height, and then grab the wall again. These actions don’t cost any stamina, and players can repeat them as many times as they want to get to higher heights without having to worry about stamina.

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