How to increase knowledge in Persona 5: Royal

There are five social stats in Persona 5: Royal that the protagonist Joker can upgrade as he progresses through the game, each representing a different aspect of his personality and abilities. The Knowledge stat is pretty self-explanatory in name and function – it reflects the Joker’s book savvy and general knowledge, and in this guide, we’ll explain how to improve this stat.

Persona 5: Royal is a JRPG developed by Atlas and published by Sega. After the protagonist is accused of a crime he did not commit and forced to change schools, he enters the Metaverse, a world shaped by human cognition, and awakens the power of Persona within himself. Using this new power and accompanied by his friends, the Joker creates the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts” and decides to steal humanity’s twisted and twisted desires across the Metaverse.

Everyday life

There are several ways to constantly increase the level of knowledge of the Joker on any given day. The surest way is to study at LeBlanc, the diner, or the school library. Practice at the diner is more effective when it’s raining, as it’s quieter (+2 during normal times, +3 when it’s raining). Classes at LeBlanc also intensify when it rains, and the school library does not change regardless of the weather, but becomes less effective before Kamoshida leaves school (due to students being distracted by whispers about the Joker).

In the evenings, Hifumi’s confidant Togo allows the Joker to play shogi with her, which increases his knowledge, though players only get 6/25 access to her confidant. If the Joker purchases a knowledge-enhancing book from either of the two bookstores or the school library, he can read it at the counter in LeBlanc or on the train if he has space, as another way to increase knowledge.

School questions and crossword puzzles

The Joker also has regular opportunities to improve his knowledge by answering questions correctly in class, and can answer a quiz question on TV at LeBlanc every Wednesday to get an extra boost. In LeBlanc, you can also regularly find a crossword puzzle, by solving which, you can get additional knowledge without wasting the precious time of the Joker.

While failing the Big Bang Burger quest only grants Guts, success on this quest grants the Joker an increase in Knowledge, as well as Skill, Courage, and Charm. Watching some movies can also increase the level of knowledge, and sometimes drinking juice on a Sunday at the Shibuya Underpass also increases the level of knowledge.

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