How to increase kindness in Persona 5: Royal

Kindness is one of the five social stats in Persona 5: Royal. It increases if you communicate with certain confidants, watch certain films and take care of plants. This stat is required to communicate with members of the Joker party such as Anna and Futaba. Those who want to get good support skills should invest in Kindness, as Futaba is a confidant with many valuable skills.

Kindness is the only Persona 5: Royal social stat that cannot be increased in the Burger Big Bang Challenge, but the Joker has many other ways to increase this stat. Players must make sure to read the right books, watch the right movies, and work part-time at the flower shop.

Ways to Increase Kindness with Items

Kindness can be nurtured through certain video games, DVDs, and books. For games and DVDs, the Joker will need a TV and a Retro Game Console. Books can also be purchased at a variety of places, from the school library to bookstores. There are also nutrients that the Joker can use on his plant in Leblanc, and the more expensive they are, the more kindness the Joker gains.

Items Where/How to Get How Much Good We Purchased TV Buy at Yumenoshima in Yongen Jaya. DVDs can then be rented Rent these movies from Shibuya Central Street: – Ghost (+2 Kindness) – ICU (+3 Kindness) retro game store in Akihabara. Each level gains +2 Kindness. Zorro the Criminal (book) Available from Shujin Academy Library +3 Kindness Illusory Popess (book) Available from Shujin Academy Library after Makoto Nijima joins the Phantom Thieves +3 Kindness Buchiko’s Story (book) Purchased from Taiheido Bookstore on Shibuya Main Street +3 Kindness Call Me Chief (book) Available from Jinbocho (opened via Star Confidant or by reading moldy pages) +3 Kindness Plant Nutrients Purchased from various stores. Can be used at Joker’s factory in Leblanc once every 16 days – Garden energy at a discount store in Shibuya main street (+1 Kindness) – Bionutrients at a flower shop in an underground mall (+2 Kindness) – Mega fertilizer at a flower shop in Shinjuku ( +3 Kindness)

Ways to increase kindness over time

The Joker’s calendar serves not only for planning palace robberies, but also for free time. There are several films in the cinema that the Joker can watch to increase his kindness meter, and what is shown depends on the month.

When What to do How much goodness we got May Watch the movie “Rise of the Knight Cake” premiered in Shibuya +3 Kindness August Watch the movie “Les MisĂ©rables” premiered in Shibuya +3 Kindness December Watch the movie “Hard Cleaning” premiered in Shibuya will be held in Shibuya +3 Kindness October Watch the film “Spiritual Father” that will premiere in Shinjuku +3 Kindness November Watch the movie “Popo’s Nest” that will premiere in Yongen Jaya +3 Kindness February Watch the movie “The Good Father” that will premiere in Yongen Jaya +3 Kindness Every Sunday Buy and drink juice in the Shibuya Underpass Random stat increase by +1

Activities that are always available

The Joker can study at the diner to gain knowledge, but he can also get some kindness depending on what kind of food he orders while studying. If he orders a nostalgic steak, he will get +1 Kindness. If the weather is clear, he will gain +2 Knowledge, and if it is rainy, he will gain +3 Knowledge.

The Joker can also gain Kindness along with Charm by visiting the Maid Café in Akihabara. He gains +1 kindness if he forgives the maid for a mistake (if he tells her to make it right, he gains courage instead). This will happen when he also gets +2 Charisma.

Part-time work

If the Joker has a second rank in Charisma, then he can work at the Rafflesia flower shop in the Shibuya Underground Mall. This can increase the Joker’s Kindness by +2 per shift. He can get +3 kindness if he chooses flowers correctly when customers ask for a certain bouquet.

Another job that can increase kindness is working at the Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku. In this job, the Joker must talk to a surly woman to get +2 Kindness. To get this job, the Joker needs to have a rank of 4 in skill, 3 in charm, and 3 in courage.


Last but not least, there are two confidants that can boost the Joker’s kindness. One such confidante is Sojiro Sakura, who rewards the Joker with +3 kindness for interacting with him. He is a Hierophant and is usually available at night in Leblanc. As you progress through the story, he will be unlocked as a Confidant.

Another character that can increase the Joker’s kindness is Shinya Oda, a confidant of the Tower. Unlike Sojiro, it is optional and must be unlocked after completing Futaba’s palace. The Joker will need to complete the Winners Don’t Use Cheats quest. After that, Shinya can be found in the Akihabara arcade and he can give the Joker +3 kindness when they interact.

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