How to increase courage in Persona 5: Royal

Courage in Persona 5: Royal is one of five social stats that the Joker can improve in his spare time. Courage allows the Joker to face more dangerous situations, and a certain rank is also required to unlock the Hanged Man’s confidant. As with other stats in Persona 5: Royal, the Joker can perform a variety of actions to score points in Courage.

There are many items the Joker can use, movies he can watch, and side jobs that increase courage. These actions usually increase courage from +1 to +3 points. It’s also worth checking the calendar, as some actions and stat boosts only apply to certain dates and times of the day.

Ways to increase courage with the help of items

From books to games to DVDs, Joker can gain a lot of guts just by consuming media. In particular, a lot of books are gradually appearing in the school library that increase courage.

Items Where and how to get Gained courage TV Buy at Yumenoshima in Yongen Jaya. The DVD can then be rented on Shibuya’s main street. You must rent a DVD:

  • X Folders give +2 guts
  • The Running Dead gives +3 Husband
  • Green gives +2 guts

Retro Game Console Can be purchased with Yumenoshima games from Yongen-Jaya Required for games. Each level gives +2 guts:

  • Forneus Star (purchasable from Yumenoshima)
  • Power of Intuition (Available from the Super Baron Retro Game Store in Akihabara)

Legend of the Pirates (book) Available from the school library after Ryuuji joins the group +3 Brave Bandit (book) Available from the school library after Yusuke joins the group +3 Cry of Cthulu (book) Available from the school library after Futaba joins the group +3 Bow Hero (book) Available from the school library after Akechi joins the Phantom Thieves +3 Ghost Encounters (book) Available from the Taiheido Bookstore starting at 7/1 in Central Shibuya Street +3 Sword Master Can be purchased from the Nagiuri Bookstore in Jinbocho +4

Ways to increase courage with time

There are a lot of movies that boost the Joker’s courage, but they are time-sensitive and change every month. It is also necessary to take into account certain days of the week and weather for certain activities.

When What to do Gained courage In rainy weather Go to the bathhouse in Yongen Jaya and stay longer Chance +1 to the intestines, and also gain charm July Watch the movie “Like a Dragon”, which will premiere in Shinjuku +3 November Watch the movie “Saw Pacha” , which will premiere in Shinjuku +3 January Watch the movie “Kebab Fight” that will premiere in Shinjuku +3 December Watch the movie “Marry Christmasmess” that will premiere in Yogen Jaya +3 April Watch the movie “Millionaire in a T-shirt” premiered in Shibuya +3 Every Sunday Buy and drink juice in the Shibuya Underpass Increases a random stat by +1 After opening the Bank of Gluttony and the Jealousy Casino Draw the Phantom Thief on the board in the +1 class for two separate instances

Activities that are always available

Studying in the library always gives the Joker some Knowledge, but sometimes they also give him +1 Courage.
When ordering hot coffee or surprise sandwiches at a Shibuya main street diner, the Joker gains +1 courage. Sometimes he also gets a bonus to Knowledge, depending on whether the weather is clear or rainy.
If the Joker goes to the Maid Cafe in Akihabara and tells the maid to correct her mistake, he will gain +1 Courage and +2 Charm.
Finally, there is a side job that the Joker can get at the Shinjuku Crossroads bar. To do this, he will need high ranks in social stats such as skill, charm, and courage, but he can get +2 courage if he talks to a “scary-looking person” while working.

Tae Takemi and the Big Burger Bang Challenge

Tae Takemi is the only confidant with whom the Joker can gain courage. She is also a useful confidant, so whether she has the guts or not, players will want to rank up her to gain access to more medicines. It is usually available during the day and not at night, unless it is raining.

And finally, there is the task “Big Bang Burger”. This challenge increases all social indicators, except for kindness. The Comet Burger gets +1 Guts, the Gravity Burger gets +2, and the Space Tower Burger gets +3. The reward is very high, so this task must be completed at some point in the game.

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