How to improve the summoning of spirits in Elden Ring

Spirit Summon are summoners that can be obtained in Elden Ring. They can be further enhanced if you have the right items for the job. Here is our guide to help you upgrade the Ash Spirit Summoners by attuning the Spirit of Roderica and using the Chrysalis Memento.

How to improve summoned spirits

Obtaining the Spirit Calling Bell from Renna

If you want to upgrade Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring, there are two important NPCs. The first is the Witch of Renna, as she is the one who gives you the Spirit Calling Bell. You will receive it after receiving the Torrent from Melina. Just go back to Elle’s temple at night and talk to Renna there. She’ll even give you Lone Wolf Ashes, your first item to summon.

Meeting with Roderica at the shack on Thunder Hill

Right after the place that was mentioned in our description of the Limgrave walkthrough, you will enter the Stormhill hut. This is the home of Roderica, an even more important NPC if you want to upgrade Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring.

Roderica should give you the Ash Spirit Medusa summon after you exhaust her dialogue. If not, you will meet her again later and she will pass it on.

Meet with Roderica at the Fortress of the Round Table

After defeating Margit, the Dread Omen and Godric grafted, you can return to the Stormhill shack and find that Roderick is no longer there, although you can take the Golden Seed.

But if you return to the Fortress of the Round Table, you will see her standing by the fireplace. At this point, Roderica will become a resident of the Fortress. She has a personal quest that can be completed, although the requirement is actually hidden. First, make sure you’ve exhausted all dialogue options with Roderica, and if possible, talk to Master Blacksmith Hugh.

Get the Memory of Chrysalis

Next, your goal is to find a key item called Chrysalis Memory in Stormveil Castle. If you haven’t purchased it yet, use the Place of Grace in the Rampart Tower.

Run along the ramparts and go down to the chapel. Go to the second floor of the audience hall, where you met the Grafted offspring.

Then, when you reach the entrance to the Library, you can drop down to your left and find a pile of corpses under a hanging troll. Defeat the Stray Dogs here and take the Chrysalis from the Memento pile.

Note: much later in the campaign, I also managed to find a Crimson Hood here, similar to the cloak that Roderica originally wore.

Spirit Attunement: Refinement of your spirits summoned by Ash

Return to Roderica and show her the Memory of Chrysalis. Then, continue talking to her and Blacksmith Hugh. In the end, in a conversation with her, Roderica will offer you to improve your Spirits in Elden Ring using the “Upgrade Spirit Ashes” feature.

Here’s how it works:

  • Common spirit ashes (i.e. common summonable mobs) such as Lone Wolf, Warhawk, Rogue Noble, Puppet Soldier and the like use Grave Lily of the Valley.
  • Special spirit ashes (i.e. named mobs), such as the exiled knight Oleg and the ancient dragon knight Kristoff, require the use of a ghostly lily of the valley.

Grave and Ghost Lily of the Valley in Elden Ring are often found in catacomb/crypt type dungeons. The first is a green plant with white petals, and the second is purple.

Like Smithing Stones and Golden Runes, they also have their own levels, such as Grave Lily of the Valley [1], [2] and so on. Ideally, you will need to visit these dark dungeons in the game world to collect a lot of these herbs. Finally, since they don’t respawn, it’s best to choose the Spirit Ashes you like best.

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