How to get to the Mogwin Palace in Elden Ring

There are many places in Elden Ring that can only be reached through certain quests or thorough exploration. The Mogwin Palace is one such zone, which can only be accessed from two entry points buried deep in the dungeon of the Elden Ring map. The Mogwin Palace can be seen from Siofra, with an ominous orange-red glow emanating from the building, so players might think that there is a path to it from underground.

All ways to get to the Mogvin Palace

Version 1

Unfortunately, only two paths to this intense area are above ground, one is at the very beginning and the other is in another secret area, which adds another level of difficulty. Players should beware of entering the Mogwin Palace too early, as the enemies there are quite ferocious and of course bigger for the ending. Tougher versions of enemies, like crows in the Starry Wastes or croaking alien creatures in Liurnia, are around every corner and deal serious damage.

The first of the two paths to the Mogwin Palace is much easier and more accessible early in the game. The infamous Elden Ring questline “White-faced Varre” rewards the player with a permanent invasion method, as well as a medal used to teleport directly to the palace. His quest line is quite short and can be completed after defeating Godric the Hundred Hands. In Liurnia, the White-faced Varre can be found in the Temple of the Roses on the island. After talking to him there and using the invasion items he gives the player three times, you will proceed to the next stage of the quest. After talking to him again, go to the Shrine of Ban in the northeast of Liurnia to get the maiden’s blood he asks for. After talking to him twice after receiving the blood, the player will receive a reusable Bloody Finger and a Pure Blood Knight medal. Using the medal will send the player straight to the Mogwin Palace.

Option 2

Another option is found much later in Elden Ring, in another secret area. In order to get to the Hallowed Snowfields where the hotspot is located, players must obtain the Erd Tree Medallion and use it in Rold’s Grand Elevator. Erd Tree Medallion can be obtained by completing Latenna’s quest. Once you have collected two medallions, return to the elevator and switch actions to the Erd Tree medallion, and the player will be taken to the Consecrated Snowfields. Moving west from the Inner Consecrated Snowfields, you will find yourself at the border of the lands, where you will eventually find a portal leading directly to the Mogvin palace.

Although you can get to the Mogwin Palace from Liurnia, the boss in this zone is quite difficult, with a lot of health and damage to boot. The fight with this boss is best left for later, as his second phase, especially without a special item, will be difficult to defeat. Without the Sacred Tear item, Mogwin will cause the player to bleed three times in a row and even take away health from them.

One of the best aspects of entering the Mogwin Palace in Elden Ring is the famous rune farming spots. Behind the red lake is the Place of Grace with many different ways to get runes, with bows, AOE attacks and more, some players have found routes to get thousands of runes in a short amount of time. However, this area is still difficult to explore for low levels, and is one of the harshest areas in Elden Ring.

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