How to get to the Heretic Tower in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Heretical Rise is a location that can be found in the Giant Mountains by going to the northeast frozen lake and then heading inland up the slopes. At first, you won’t be able to get into it because of the seal. In order to remove the seal of the Heretic Tower, you must go through something “invisible”, and this guide details how to do it.

How to follow the invisible path to the tower

The first step to solving the Heretic Tower puzzle is to cross over to the other side of the ravine, which is north of the tower. Having moved to this side, the players must find a small section of the bridge, which is thrown over the ravine towards the tower. For complete clarity, the exact location of this bridge is marked on the map below, and the Freezing Lake Place of Grace is very close to it.

Once you reach the appropriate section of the bridge, he should step on it and start walking towards the tower. Indeed, in this place there is an invisible path through the ravine, although you cannot just follow it directly to the tower. This is due to the fact that when approaching the structure, the path breaks off, and at this point you will need to climb the invisible path on the left, which will eventually turn back to the tower.

To find this ramp, you must move slowly along the straight part of the invisible path, using sorcery, rainbow stones, or other items to make sure there is solid ground in front of them. While doing this, you have to look to the left side and they will see a faint white mist right before they are above the tall tree that is in the ravine below them. This mist marks a curving ramp, and you must follow it to the Heretic Tower.

Heretic Tower Rewards

After entering the Heretic Tower, you must defeat the enemy, climb the stairs to the east and use the elevator that you will meet. Then head up the spiral staircase on the outside of the tower, taking out enemies along the way, and loot the chest in the room above. This chest contains the First Star Rain, a legendary sorcery that causes star rain.

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