How to get to the cave under Narukami Great Shrine in Genshin Impact: Relinquishing the Old Path

While completing the “Abandoning the Old Way” quest in Genshin Impact, players will encounter a quest that instructs them to travel to a cave beneath the Great Shrine of Narukami. While fans shouldn’t have any trouble getting to this cave, as the in-game waypoint will take them straight to it, they may encounter an obstacle upon arrival. This is a barrier-like obstacle that prevents you from entering the cave under the Narukami Great Shrine in Genshin Impact, and this guide details how to overcome it.

How to get to the cave under Narukami Great Shrine

To bypass the barrier at the entrance to the cave, players must reach Narukami Great Shrine and proceed to its northeast corner. From this position, the fans must jump off the ledge and use their glider in Genshin Impact to continue heading northeast. As the fans slide in that direction, they will see a small floating island with a lantern northeast of the cave waypoint and should land on it.

By landing on a small floating island, players will be able to summon an Electro Granum in Genshin Impact, which is exactly what they should be doing. Once this is done, fans can simply walk down to the cave entrance and pass through the barrier without any problems. For those players who prefer illustrative examples, the following video shows this process in action and should be fairly easy to replicate.

In the cave below the Narukami Great Shrine, players will see a lengthy cutscene before engaging in combat. This conflict is followed by an even longer dialogue that marks the final moments of the quest “Abandoning the Old Way”. However, this is not the end of the Shogun Raiden quest chapter in Genshin Impact, and after the dialogue ends, fans will learn that they have a whole new quest to go through.

For those players who are curious about this new quest, it’s called “Shining Cherry Blossom” and completing it unlocks the dungeon. This dungeon is the source of the Sinister General’s Wisdom, Distressed God’s Tears, and Sense of the Aeons, Genshin Impact talent leveling materials that many fans will be interested in getting. Luckily, all the tasks in the Shining Sakura quest are fairly easy, and fans shouldn’t have any trouble completing the quest.

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