How to get to the Albinor Tower in Elden Ring and get the Grave School’s Powerful Talisman

In Elden Ring, the Graven-Mass Talisman is a talisman stored in the Tower of Albinor. It increases the power of sorcery by 8%. These buffs can be stacked, meaning tainted mages can use both talismans to gain 12% to all sorcerous spells. This increase in power makes Grave School’s Powerful Talisman a must-have item for mages in Elden Ring.

How to get to Albinore Tower

Find two medallions of the Erd Tree

As mentioned above, the location of Graveschool’s Powerful Talisman is Albinore’s Tower in Giant’s Peak. In order to get to the Hallowed Snowfield, you must first access the secret passage of the Great Rold Lift, known as the Hidden Path to the Holy Tree of Erd. This path becomes available after the adventurers collect the two sides of the medallion of the Erd Tree. This quest can be completed during Latenna’s quest or on its own as a means of achievement.

The first half of the medallion of the Erd Tree is held by Albus in Albino Village. He is disguised as a pot on top of a hill and will give the protagonist part of the medallion after they dispel his disguise and talk to him. The left half is in Castle Sol on the far north side of the East Giant Mountains. Defeat the dungeon boss to get Haligtri’s secret medallion and enter the Consecrated Snowfield. From the first site of Grace, travel northeast, past the catacombs of the Sanctified Snowfield, to reach Albinauric Rise. The next step is to solve the puzzle in the tower to get the Grave Mass Talisman.

Enter the Albinor Tower

In order to solve the riddle of the Albinor Tower and climb to its top, you must examine the outstanding statue nearby. You can recognize in the figures two Demons fighting each other. This clue is the key to the entrance to the Albinor Tower in Elden Ring. Accordingly, this riddle has two solutions. First, players can summon two Imps to kill one of the enemy Imps patrolling the tower. Alternatively, you can use the Enchanted Branch on one of the mobs outside to make it kill another Imp, which will also unseal the hill.

Imp Ashes can be purchased from the Isolated Trader at Raya Lukaria Academy for 2,000 runes. To find him, fast travel to the Place of Grace at the Academy’s main gate. Go through the portal to the South Gate and continue down the road to meet a merchant. As for the Enchanted Branch, you can buy 5 pieces from a merchant in Northern Liurnia. It can be found behind a hole in the ground in the Temple of Bellum. Use either of these two methods in front of the tower to break the entry barrier and get the Powerful Grave School Talisman.

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